Four Ways to Remain Calm this Busy Season

    Feeling stressed a few days before your event? Busy season keeping you awake at night? Don’t let nerves get the best of you and spoil your big day. Your event is the culmination of weeks or months of hard work, so make sure you can enjoy it. Calm your mind with these effective methods!


    Adjust your posture


    You find your body tightening during the final walk-through before the big event. Or maybe your posture shifts and you hunch your shoulders at the thought of the ever-growing guest list. When you feel stressed, your body tends to react. Take time to do a posture check throughout the day to relieve this stress. Unclenching your jaw, lowering your shoulders, or adopting an open and relaxed posture are a few small physical changes that help relax the body and mind. Even a smile can do the trick!




    Breaths can do a lot. They can wake, energize, relax, and balance us. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax (Source). Feeling anxious about your party that kicks off in an hour? Dealing with an unexpected issue during the actual event? Breathing exercises can be the quickest route toward calming down. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to breathing exercises, so here are just a few variations to get you started. Start by taking a long, slow breath in through your nose. Fill your lower lung and then your upper lungs. Hold that breath and count to three before you exhale. Try counting for 10 seconds while you breathe in and out, recognizing each breath as you take it. Or visualize something while you’re breathing, such as a balloon to help breath deeply from your diaphragm. Check out Headspace or Calm for guided exercises. 


    Learn your stress signals


    Stress can sneak up on you during a busy season. Experts agree that taking note of your body’s reaction to stress can help you manage it more effectively in the future. Maybe you start to feel tense? Your heart races and you are on the verge of melting down. Pay attention to what happens next. Does your chest tighten as you review checklists and contracts? Do you get impatient and interrupt your colleagues? Knowing your cues can help you recognize when you are stressed. Having this awareness will help you avoid making a decision that could have negative consequences. 


    Take a moment to reset


    Planning and managing an event has more than its fair share of frustrations and stressors. Despite the deadlines, decisions, and long hours, it is important to hit the pause button and reset every day. A self-imposed “time out” will help clear your mind and promote relaxation. It can also help put a stressful situation into perspective. Close your eyes, gather your thoughts and focus on something that creates a sense of peace.


    Executing a successful event can be stressful, especially during busy seasons. Remember these tips and tricks as you enter your next event: adjusting your posture, taking deep breaths, learning your stress signals, and resting throughout the day.  Looking for venues beyond your busy season? Check out the plethora of options here!