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29 Jul 2022 | By Nicole Catatao

Generating Event Leads As Easy As Ordering From A Vending Machine




Picture this: You’re in the Las Vegas airport with ten of your closest girlfriends after a long weekend of bachelorette shenanigans, with plenty of stories that will stay in Vegas. You’re hungover, dehydrated, and can’t find your sunglasses, so the hood of your sweatshirt hangs low down over your eyes. You drag your feet as you slumberly walk over to your gate when you spot a vending machine out of the corner of your eyes. But not just any vending machine. It’s a singing cupcake machine. You order two cupcakes and take them to your seat. They are moist, delicious, and what you needed as a little pick-me-up to get you through your flight. It was exactly what you needed to fix the problem at your fingertips.


Stressed event planner


Now, picture this. You’re an event or sales manager in a restaurant, hotel, or unique venue. You are running around like a frazzled chicken trying to make sure all of your guests are happy at each new event, scheduling email campaigns to promote the latest in-house deal, tossing away all those empty boxes somebody left in a corner, all while your manager is pressuring you to generate more and more event leads. Sound familiar? We hear stories like this all the time. 

Don’t let the stress of generating event leads get to you and take time away from what you love doing; executing beautiful events. Take action now with EventUp Self-Serve. 


What is an EventUp Self-Serve Listing?


EventUp is the leading global venue directory. With more than 15,000 listed restaurants, hotels, and unique venues and millions of social, corporate, and wedding event planners visiting the site every day to browse and secure their perfect venue for any event or occasion - makes it the single best place for venues to showcase their event space to connect with and generate event leads. 


The EventUp self-service payment portal is located on the EventUp Partner page to streamline the process of joining EventUp for new customers or upgrading and adding new venues for current customers with just a few quick clicks and forms.


Benefits of EventUp Self-Serve Listing


  • You understand the value of joining a directory and finally have time to expand your marketing efforts, but it is 10 pm? You don’t need to wait for a salesperson to call you back; you can get started immediately. 
  • Get your listing up and running faster. Joining EventUp has never been a hard task - however, we have shortened the process from three steps to one. 
  • Get event leads faster. Event leads are why you join a directory and why you do any sort of marketing. We get it! Leads drive business, and you need them now. Instantly join the directory, upload a few photos, add your venue description, publish your listing, and put your venue in front of millions of event planners’ eyes, all within a few minutes. There is no other way to generate leads as fast as you can with the help of EventUp.


Who Should Use EventUp Self-Serve?

Any restaurant, hotel, or unique venue offering private dining or private events can benefit from a marketing partner who will help increase brand awareness and drive leads.


You can sign up anytime, anywhere. Signing up, building your listing, and collecting your first event lead is as easy as ordering cupcakes from a vending machine. 


Start your EventUp listing now and collect event leads faster than you could eat cupcakes.


Start your EventUp listing now and collect event leads faster than you could eat cupcakes. 


Start My Listing Today


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Accelerate your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue events business with EventUp and connect with millions of social, corporate, and wedding event planners.