Giveaways and Party Favors To Get Your Guests Excited

    You got the perfect venue using EVENTup, you hosted an unforgettable event and now it’s time to say thanks. Want to avoid hand cramps from writing endless thank you notes? Cap off your event with a gift so memorable that you’ll have your guests counting down until the next event.

    The Gift of Giving

    Photo From Marigold & Grey

    Continue the tone of your event into your gift bags. Presentation is key. The gift can be small and tied in a knot, but the small gesture will leave a bold impact.

    Go The Extra Mile

    Photo from Teak & Twine

    If you have a little extra room to spare in your budget, spend it toward party favors! The gift will leave a lasting impression on the guest and will make them look forward to future events with your company or organization.

    Let’s Talk S-W-A-G

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    There’s nothing guests love more than company swag. Hosting a company event provides a great opportunity to help make employees feel invested in the company mission. Giving them materialistic items to enhance their company pride is the perfect giveaway.

    A Sweet Gesture

    A fun, creative and delicious way to leave a lasting impact on your guests. Find a local bakery that can create customized treats for your event. A company logo treat will definitely catch the eye of a sweet tooth! Be mindful, however, of any gluten or soy allergies.

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