Great Ideas for Celebrating Christmas in the Office

    The holidays are right around the corner which means you'll probably be getting in the spirit everywhere - including the office! So, how do you celebrate the holidays in the office? Here are some of our great ideas: follow them, and you'll be in for a great time.

    Where and when?

    Decide where and when you are going to hold your corporate Christmas party. If you are going to host the party during office hours, consider doing it during lunch or during the last few hours of the work day. If you're thinking about an after hours party, during the evening or on the weekend, consider inviting the families of your co-workers and holding it at a fun venue! Or, if you’re unable to meet in person - host a virtual Christmas themed party over Zoom!


    Help get everyone in the spirit by decking the halls (literally). Purchase some Christmas decorations for your office or venue to help set the scene for your holiday party. Whether you choose to go for a contemporary color pallet (like gold & white) or opt for the classic green and red, having some decorations around will be a sure fire way to bring some holiday cheer to your gathering. 


    Who doesn’t love a good theme? Considering this is your office’s Christmas party, stick to the holiday theme or consider some others such as “Winter Wonderland” or an “Ugly Sweater” theme. Incorporate it into your invites, decor, and even your cocktails. It will be a jolly good time, and hey -- that's what Christmas is all about!


    Hiring some entertainment, like a live band, a DJ, or if you're really ambitious, a group of Christmas carolers is a great way to add some fun to your party. To up the fun, even more, include a karaoke machine and have your coworkers belt out their favorite holiday tunes.

    Plan a Gift Exchange. 

    You're probably familiar with “Secret Santa” or White Elephant. These are fun activities to get everyone excited and build anticipation for your Christmas party. Make sure to include a spending limit for either gift exchange so that no one goes overboard. $15-$20 is perfect for a corporate Christmas gathering. 

    Plan Some Games.

    While Christmas parties are about spending some time together, it’s also a good idea to have some fun activities to keep people entertained. Create some fun Christmas themed games - like this Oven Mitt Unwrap game, or this Saran Wrap Ball game. You can include prizes like gift cards, scratch tickets, and candy for both - and watch your employees get a little competitive over the goodies!


    If you follow these simple Christmas party ideas, celebrating Christmas in the office is sure to be a hit! But don't forget to tell us how it goes in a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter!


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    Author: Rachel Mazzola