Handbook: How To Market Your Venue To International Planners

    Hosting international event planners opens up a new revenue stream, especially since venues can charge premium prices for international packages and services. It also opens up an entirely new world of potential prospects and customers.

    You may be thinking of promoting your venue to international corporate, social, and wedding planners is simply too difficult and out of your marketing budget - but it’s easier than you think to attract and drive international event revenue.

    You can take advantage of many of your current marketing initiatives and expand on the language and unique services that international planners are searching for.

    This Handbook explains how you can use your current marketing initiatives to attract international event planners.



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    EventUp Handbook Volume 8: Handbook: How To Market Your Venue To International Planners


    EventUp Handbook Vol 8 - How To Market Your Venue To International Planners

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    Author: Nicole Catatao