How To Make Your Event Kid Friendly

    Every parent knows that throwing a party can be difficult when it comes to entertaining several age groups. Of course you want your kids there, and you want them to have fun, but you also want to ensure a good time for your guests. It’s been said that a true sign of a successful kid-friendly party is when the adults actually manage to have uninterrupted, real conversations. The most important thing to remember is to put a little bit of a kid-like mind in your party preparations.

    Our first suggestion is to concentrate on the food! Clearly your entire menu is not going to be kid focused, but it definitely helps to add a few options in there. The easiest way to do this is finger foods, like chicken tenders or mini quiches.For more of a formal sit down dinner, try fondue for the kids. The hard to resist appeal of dipping food into delicious melted cheese is bound to be a hit with the little ones and even young adults! The best part is the chocolate fondue for dessert!

    Let the kids hang out together. One way to do this is with a kids’ table. While you and your guests enjoy your time with one another, set the kids up to do the same. After dinner, turn the den, family room, or spare bedroom into a “movie theater.” Getting the kids settled in with a good moviegives the adults some time to unwind. Pick a room as separate as possible from the central party. This will help keep them focused in on the movie and less focused on what the “grownups” are up to.

    Lastly, if the kids haven’t wound down from the movie, set them up with an activity or craft area. Don’t overdo it or force the activities on them, but it’s a good way to keep them occupied for a little longer. Try classic games like Life, Monopoly, or Sorry!Arts and crafts are fun, but keep in mind the age group you’re catering too. You don’t want to find your beige couch decorated at the end of the night. To make sure your night goes smooth with the kids, it never hurts to hire a mother’s helper or babysitter for the night. When you’re planning a party, you can never have enough help!

    Have you figured out how to make your event kid friendly? Or do you have any other suggestions on entertaining your kids throughout the evening of your party? Tweet at us, Facebookus, or leave us a comment here!