How to Pick the Perfect Gift for the Next Party You Attend

    One of your friends is throwing a party, and you know that a great guest doesn't show up empty handed! Read on to wow your host or hostess with the perfect gift!

    Remember the Occasion!

    Be it a wedding, a baby shower or a back yard BBQ, remember the occasion of the party! Bring something that is appropriate for the event. There are plenty of options for you! Is a friend having a baby? Do something for the mother! Everyone will be buying onesies in pink or blue. (Yellow if they haven't been paying attention.) Get the new mother a calming bath treatment to help her unwind! Babies are demanding and keep new moms up all night! Let her unwind with the calming scent of Kiehl's Lavender Foaming Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts and Aloe. She will thank you for thinking of her!

    Remember Your Budget

    Times are tough for everyone. Worried about spending too much money? Don't! That's what we are here to help you with! Go to your local wine store and ask for something in your budget. Chances are, the owner will be able to suggest something unique AND affordable. Good wine doesn't necessarily mean expensive!

    Don't Know Your Host or Hostess Well? Don't Worry!

    There are times when you might be invited to a party through friends or coworkers. If you feel compelled to get them a gift, then go for it! Chocolates are a great option. Ghirardelli and See's Candies have affordable options and are a delicious treat! On the off-chance that your host or hostess says they don't like chocolate, don't fret! Report them to the police. They are either aliens or serial killers and should be apprehended and investigated.

    Looking for Something Basic?

    A fragrance diffuser or  scented candle is an easy gift to give that everyone can use! Tommy Bahama makes a Gardenia Scented Candle that takes you to the tropics with one whiff! Bring this to a party and you'll be thanked profusely and asked several times where you had the time and energy to search out such a wonderful gift!

    Looking for Something Specific?

    If this is a close friend we are talking about, being specific is worth the effort. Think about what this person loves most! Are they an avid outdoors fanatic? Are they a culinary marvel? I have a friend who paints her nails every day. EVERY. DAY. One time, to thank her for a favor, I bought her a few fun polish colors from Essie. A few nail colors and other nail polish accessories can make a great gift basket for the host. If you think about who your friends are and what they like to do, you will find the perfect gift for them!


    Someone is taking their time and energy to throw a party! You know how it is! Most people just show up to have a good time. If you decide to bring a gift, you are going above and beyond, so don't beat yourself up about it. Anything you bring will be perfect because you brought it.