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28 Mar 2012 | By wpressadmin

How to Throw a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to bring together friends and family to celebrate a mother-to-be and her little one on the way. Whether you’re looking to throw an event that is elegant or casual, a little planning and a few basic ideas can help you make sure it’s a success.

Traditionally hosted at the home of a close friend, baby showers used to be exclusively for female family and friends. These days however, showers take on a variety of forms from house parties to restaurant brunches or catered events, some co-ed, some not. When it comes down to deciding what type of shower is best for your occasion, one thing is important to keep in mind: go with what the mother-to-be wants! With all of the stresses involved with giving birth this should be a fun day where she can relax and feel comfortable.

Sit down with the mother-to-be well in advance of your planning to get an idea of what type of event she’s imagining. Something intimate for close friends? Something larger to bring together the extended family? Once you have an idea of the overall feel of the event you’ll be able to sort out the rest of your plan with greater precision. If she wants to leave it entirely to you, that’s perfect, but if she has certain specifications it’s best to know everything up front before you start making too many choices.

Deciding on the size of the guest list will help you choose an appropriate location. Hosting at your home is usually the best way to go depending on the number of guests. Cutting down on the variables involved and keeping it somewhere familiar for the mother to having other rooms for the mother-to-be to take a break can be a great help.

Keep your food ideas simple so that people can move around unless you plan on having a formal sit-down meal. Simplicity is key, foods that require too much preparation add an unneeded stress on you and take away from time you’ll want to be spending with your friends. Also be sure to make dishes that would be appropriate for a large crowd who may have diverse diet restrictions. If you need to enlist help don’t hesitate to delegate duties to some additional friends ahead of time. You’re not in this alone! Do have fun and be creative in choosing decorationsgames and activities but don't go overboard.. Make sure the highlight of the event is still the opening of the presents.

While a house party may sound like the simplest way to go, sometimes you want to avoid the preparation and clean-up . Consider choosing a favorite restaurant with a private event area big enough to accommodate your group. Having someone else taking care of the set-up, cooking and cleaning is a great way to keep you having fun and with your attention more on the mother than clearing plates.

Lastly, as the presents are being opened, make sure that you or someone else is taking notes on who gave what gifts to make thank you notes easier for the mother-to-be! Remember, while a little planning is good, don’t forget to have fun.

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