Interesting Photo Shoot Venues

    No matter what business or industry you work in, using photos and videos to show off your product or service is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It is important to put thought into the photoshoots that create these photos, which is why we have some ideas for interesting and unique photoshoots, and the venues to try as the location for the shoot.

    393 NYC

    Video and photo studio


    393 NYC, located at 393 Broadway in Manhattan, is the place to go for any sort of video or photoshoot. 393 NYC is a huge venue that offers full-service production capabilities, ensuring the end result of the shoot will have the most professional feel. The space has high ceilings, moveable walls, and custom marquee signage which can transform the studio into the perfect shoot location. This space is flooded with creativity, making it a perfect spot for a photo or video shoot in the big apple. 


    If you’re in Texas, check out Originator Studios for your photoshoot location in Austin. By shooting at a formal studio, you get the advantages of professional lighting and high-quality images guaranteed. This studio has plenty of space to bring different outfit changes, products, groups of people, or whatever else you need for your shoot. There is also plenty of parking available for everyone joining. 


    The Betsy Hotel

    Outdoor Oasis


    Maybe an indoor studio isn’t the vibe you are going for with your shoot, so instead take a look at some outdoor locations in your area. Outdoor photo shoots have the benefit of natural lighting, gorgeous backdrops, and other natural elements that may not be the same when photos are taken indoors. Outdoor shoots also have to be planned around the sun and potential rain forecasts. No matter where you live, there is sure to be a pretty location that could serve as a photoshoot backdrop.


    Try The Betsy in South Beach, Florida, for example. This stunning hotel has beachfront views, rooftops to catch the sunset, patios with twinkling lights, poolside greenery, beach chairs overlooking palm trees, and much more across the property. This one location could give so many different looks to a single day of shooting. There’s a reason that The Betsy is such a hot spot in Miami Beach.


    Would you prefer a mountain background for your outdoor photoshoot? Well, then maybe The Manor House in Littleton, Colorado could be a spot for you. This historic building outside of Denver is the location of many gorgeous weddings and social celebrations. The views overlook the Dry Creek Canyon and the property is full of gorgeous table accessories and florals. This could be just the setting your outdoor photoshoot was missing!


    Line 51 Brewing Company

    Unique Venues


    Now, if you are really going for the creative “wow” factor photoshoot location, look to the unique venues in your area. Think sports stadium, entertainment center, brewery, winery, or country club. These unique venues likely have booth indoor and outdoor space, giving ample opportunity for different backgrounds at one site. 


    Line 51 Brewing Company is an event space and brewery located in Oakland, CA that certainly has great character. It is located in Oakland’s historical Jack London Square District and has a large indoor brewery space with exposed brick, cool lighting, and fun elements like old buses and beer accessories. A space like this could be perfect for a trendy street-style professional photoshoot. Who wouldn’t want to take pictures with a craft beer in hand?


    If you’re looking for a venue that is completely out of the box, check out Barcade in New York City, which is one of Barcade’s many other locations across the country. These arcade bars offer classic video games and pinball machines for guests to enjoy. The atmosphere s relaxed and dark, but then brightly lit by the games across the space. Think about the outfits that could be styled to fit in with an old-school arcade photoshoot?! An arcade bar would definitely be a trendy place to shoot some photos or videos for an upcoming campaign that felt fitting to the space.

    Where else have you hosted or attended a photo or video shoot? What other elements do you consider when planning your shoot? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below or tagging us on Instagram


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    Author: Rachel Calkins