June 2020 Wedding Postponed, an Interview With the Bride

    The Coronavirus has had a worldwide impact on the hospitality and events industries, causing brides to cancel or postpone the biggest day of their lives; their wedding day.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura from Boston, MA, who was originally supposed to get married in June of 2020. Her wedding has temporarily been re-scheduled for August 2020, pending final restrictions for large gatherings from Governor Charlie Baker. Laura and I discussed how her and her groom have been handling the process of rescheduling a wedding last minute. 

    Bride's Name: Laura Earl

    Location: Boston, MA

    Original Wedding Date: 6/19/2020

    New Wedding Date: 8/14/2020


    1.  So, you had to postpone your wedding due to the Coronavirus, what was that like for you?


    Postponing as a result of COVID was really stressful because initially when we began thinking about postponing our venue was not yet allowing June weddings to be postponed. The restrictions and shutdown were still new and I knew brides with more immediate weddings were the priority so I understood. A few days later, after Governor Charlie Baker released additional updates and restrictions, we were allowed to postpone and we moved quickly - within minutes actually.


    2.  What was the first thing you did?

    The first thing I did was get a list of available Friday dates in late Summer and early Fall. I knew I did not want a Winter wedding. I sent the information out to our wedding party, close family and vendors and cross-referenced what could work for everyone. Luckily, we were able to find a new date in August. We did have to switch to a different photographer (within the same company though).


    3.  Who was the first call?

    The first call I made was to my mom and then my future mother-in-law. I wanted to make sure that any new potential date wasn’t a conflict with close family.


    4.  Had save the dates/invitations already been sent to guests?

    I had finished designing my invites about 2 weeks prior but decided to carefully watch the news. I’m so glad I waited because I know how expensive they can be.


    5.  How are you handling the communication with your guests about the new date?

    We immediately communicated the change to our wedding party through Facebook Groups. For the rest of our guests, I actually purchased an annual subscription for Greenvelope (a digital invite service). We picked the option that allowed for up to 250 people per mailing for $195 for the year. I know this sounds like a lot but when you factor in having to send out new save the date and invites with postage this is actually a huge savings! Plus, even our new date may not work if there are restrictions on gatherings so this is the best investment I’ve made.


    6.  How flexible were the venue/vendors with picking a new date?

    Initially (and very early into social distancing) our venue was not allowing June weddings to rebook but after a major update from Governor Baker we were allowed to reschedule. Again, I think everyone was just trying to wrap their minds around the current situation. Our vendors were incredible. All of them responded in under an hour and were hopeful about June weddings but totally understanding, flexible and willing to do what was best for us.


    7.  What was the biggest hurdle for you and your groom in order to change the date?

    The biggest hurdle for us once we could change our date was not being able to have the same photographer we worked with for our engagement shoot at our wedding. Our photographer is well known so I knew this was a possibility. We are working with their business partner who I know will also be great so I know I am in good hands.


    8.  How are venues/vendors handling communication throughout this process?

    Our venue is primarily communicating everything via email. As far as vendors, I would say predominately social media. They are providing tips, advice, and sympathy to couples in our situation.



    9.  What have the venue/vendors done to make this process easier for you?

    Overall I would say all of them have been available and quick to respond to emails. I’ve known some brides who have not had that experience and I’m sure that is nerve-wracking.


    10.  Has any vendor gone above and beyond or done anything special for you during this process?

    Nothing in particular specifically for us. However, a DJ from the company we’re working with has been driving around neighborhoods with all of his equipment on a trailer blaring music which is so cool. It’s just nice to see them focusing on doing what they love and spreading positivity.



    11.  What were some areas the venue/vendors could have been more accommodating or easier to work with?


    I do wish our venue was offering 2021 dates at this time. Our new August date is looking like there could be restrictions on guest count. We planned a 160+ person wedding and can’t imagine leaving anyone out and don’t intend to. We are waiting for more information and will just take it day by day.


    12.  If you could share a piece of advice with other brides going through this process what would it be?


    Get a digital invite service! Honestly, that’s the best thing I’ve done so far. Outside of that, I would say just take it day by day. Eventually, it will come together.


    13.  Anything else you would like to add?

    I think it’s important to remember that so many of us are in the same boat. It’s easy to feel like 'why me?' at times. This pandemic has had an impact on the financial situation of so many couples as well as many industries including the wedding business. People and businesses will feel the effects of this for many months or even years so it’s important to remember you’re not alone.


    Thank you Laura for sharing what it has been like to reschedule your wedding during the current climate of the hospitality and events industries. 


    Author: Nicole Catatao


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