No One Likes A Bridezilla


    From the moment he slipped that ring on your finger, you made a promise to yourself not to become one of those bridezilla girls. But as the planning has progressed, you’ve found that easier said than done. Sound familiar? Here at Eventup, we have a few tips that can save you from unleashing a pre-nuptial monster:


    Have a Plan:

    There are plenty of elements that go into a wedding, some of which you may not have even known about before you got engaged. This is why it’s wise, right from the beginning, to set up a timeline and plan things out. If you’re not employing a wedding planner, you can purchase wedding handbooks at your local bookstore to help with planning, use online resources for finding the perfect event venue, and tips and tricks for planning a wedding. These can give you all the information and tools you need to plan your wedding as stress-free as possible. If your head isn’t spinning in a whirlpool of linens and name cards and other wedding things, you’ll be less likely to morph into a white dress-wearing, fire-breathing monster.

    Make Adjustments:

    I know you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl. You’ve probably got a vision of a gorgeous banquet hall, amazing floral centerpieces, and a gigantic elegant wedding cake that you want to stick with. But take a step back, think logically for a minute: the first draft of your wedding plan probably included the Spice Girls performing at your reception, the family golden retriever officiating, and the groom being whichever boy was the least gross on the playground that week. Forget your fantasy and create a new one – one that is beautiful, but still realistic. Talk things over with the key players in your wedding (the bridal party, bride and groom’s parents, and of course your fiancée), and don’t be opposed to little compromises here and there. Remember, this is a special moment for everyone, and you want everyone to enjoy the experience.

    Don’t Over-Diet:

    Everyone knows at least one bride who has gone to extremes to look her slimmest when the church bells chimed. But starving yourself in your quest to be a beautiful bride will only make you cranky – and prone to the beast that is your inner bridezilla. Keeping your blood sugar normal and your belly full and satisfied will help keep your spirits up, even after hours of trying on dresses and picking out floral arrangements. If you are planning to diet, do it healthily, and make sure you’re never starved or dehydrated. And don’t forget that your husband-to-be loves you, just as you are (that’s why he asked to marry you, after all). No need to over-do it on the dieting front.

    Be Easygoing, But Not Apathetic:

    As aggravating as a loud, demanding bridezilla can be, you don’t want the pendulum to swing too far, either. Many brides, in their quest to be laid back, can border on apathetic when it comes to the wedding planning. This can be as much of a headache for the bridal party; they truly do want you to have an amazing wedding, but they can’t make that happen if you don’t tell them what you want. Saying “I don’t care” or “it’s up to you” might seem like you’re relaxed about the wedding, but really you’re just leaving your girlfriends with nothing to base their decisions on – and upping the chances of them picking out something you hate. So go ahead, be opinionated, but also be open to hearing another point of view. You’ll soon remember that two heads are better than one.

    Have you helped a bridezilla friend plan a wedding, or perhaps you were the bridezilla herself? If so, we'd love to hear your suggestions and helpful hints on how to keep the beautiful bride beautiful and not turn into bridezilla! Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment!