Picnic Ideas for Summer

    One of the greatest joys of summer is being able to eat and have fun outdoors. We should all take advantage of the warm weather while it's here! In order to help you do this, we have come up with some great outdoor picnic ideas!

    Host an Outdoor Potluck

    Potlucks are great way to bring people together and enjoy each others company as well as some great food. They are easy to throw together last minute because you yourself only need to prepare one food item, rather than a whole meal. All you need to do is make a list of what will be needed, call up some friends, and assign them an item from the list. If you are really on a time crunch, feel free to ask people to bring tables, linens, plates and silverware rather than a food item. Make sure to bring things to keep the kids entertained such as a frisbee or other fun games. This is a fun and enjoyable event for everyone and is also a great way to spread recipes.

    Have a Romantic Picnic 

    We all know how hard it can be to find a moment of peace and quite with your loved one, which is why a romantic picnic is the prefect solution. All you need to do is prepare a meal or snacks, pack up a basket, grab your special someone, and head to your favorite park or beach. Some picnic basket essentials are a bottle of wine, corkscrew, blanket, dishes, utensils, candles, napkins, trash bags, and perhaps some music. An outdoor picnic in the summer is very romantic and will be much more memorable than just simply going to a restaurant.

    Have a Bonfire

    Bonfires are great way to bring people together without having to worry about too much preparation. All you really need is wood to burn and some cozy blankets. A traditional bonfire favorite is making s'mores. All you will need for this is large marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, and wire hangers. These delicious treats are sure to keep the guests entertained and satisfied. Checkout Bon Appetit for some out of the box s'mores ideas. Be sure to dress warm and bring some flashlights or a lantern. A great idea to keep things fun and festive is to sit around the fire and go around telling different spooky stories.

    Do you have another outdoor picnic ideas? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment below!