Promote Your Event The Most Efficient Way

    Planning an event can be stressful in itself, promoting it is a whole other job. Pouring time and money in order to gain attendees is the last thing an event planner wants to do. That is where social media steps in to help. Instead of paying big bucks for advertisements, why not take advantage of free social media sites to leverage your event. Social media is known for being one of the quickest and most efficient ways to spread the word with a click of a button. Below are some tips to increase awareness on your next event.


    Integrate Social Media Channels

    Social media strategies vary depending on the event and the desired outcome. It is important to develop a social media strategy that fits your event, while giving the audience a sense of expectation prior to the event. 

    Create Unique Hashtag

    All over the twittersphere users create hashtags to categorize a topic. By searching a hashtag you can see all the tweets that have used that specific hashtag. It is important that the hashtag you create is unique and memorable. Make sure the hashtag has not been used before. Keep it short and sweet since you only are able to use 140 characters in a tweet. This is an easy way for followers to stay updated on the status of the event.

    Promote Events On Multiple Outlets

    Facebook and LinkedIn give you the opportunity to promote your event with colleagues or your professional contacts. It is important to create a descriptive name for your event, something catchy and draws your connections attention. These sites make it fairly simple to promote your event by inviting all of your connections.

    Share Photos

    Pictures are worth a thousand words. By showing people snapshots during the works of your event can get your attendees excited for what’s to come. Giving a sneak peak can keep the company within the social stream excited about the event. Make sure the photos are shot in high quality and look professional to represent your event.

    Get The Guests Involved

    Create engagement with the audience by incorporating giveaways, interesting facts, and other important content on social media outlets. By creating an enthusiastic and active social media following, it can encourage others to promote the event.