Promoting Your Event With Social Media

    Despite what you might have heard, the Internet has moved into our lives and taken up permanent residence. There, you can pay your bills, meet friends and potential dates, even read up on the finer point of event planning, all with the click of a mouse or the tap of a track pad. So why is it that, when it comes to promoting your corporate events, you’re still licking hundreds of stamps for snail-mail invitations or stapling paper to telephone poles all over town? With the Internet (especially social media outlets) at your disposal, you can reach your audience more simply and efficiently, and we’re here to tell you just how it’s done!

    Set Your Guest List Guidelines: Before you figure out how to promote your event, you need to know whom to promote your event to. Is this a formal event for fellow business professionals? Will you be meeting at a swanky event space that merits a formal invitation? Or will it be a simpler event, meant for business partners and consumers, at a restaurant or local alehouse? This differentiation in your guest list will be the difference between a personalized e-vite and a Facebook event page.

    Find Your Social Sweet Spot: Speaking of Facebook, are we totally sure you need to be promoting your event there? In reality, your promotional efforts (and, by extension, your event) will be more successful if you focus your attention on the most social media outlets most frequented by your guests. For example, B2B events are best promoted through sites like Linkedin, while more casual B2C events find Facebook and Twitter successful avenues for promotion. Once you’ve settled on the perfect outlet (or groups of outlets – just because you don’t want to spread yourself too thin doesn’t mean you can’t pick two or three sites to target), it’s time to spread the word about your event!

    Get a Buzz Going: So you’ve got a target market for your guests, and you’ve found their watering hole on the information superhighway. What happens now? Start by announcing your event on your outlet of choice – if you’re using Facebook, create an event page; for LinkedIn, announce it with the LinkedIn Events Tool. You can also get the rest of your team to promote the event on their personal pages, or even ask the entertainment or caterer to mention it on their pages and websites (even the venue could help you promote – a beautiful hotel or home always deserves a little shout out).

    Promote, Promote, Promote: As the event day approaches, you’ll want to continue promoting with a fury! Remember, people are constantly bombarded with information and images online, so you’ll need to be persistent to keep your event on their mind. This is one element of promotion where Twitter really shines (even if it wasn’t your primary outlet for your market). The short, simple messages on your guests’ news feed are an easy way to remind them of your company, your product, and your event.

    Which social media promotional tools do you prefer when you plan events? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and then check out the beautiful events we’ve shared on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages!