Save Your Wedding Favors, And Money, From Being Thrown Away

    Weddings are expensive enough as it is. The last thing you want to see are the favors you spent so much money on sitting at the tables after all the guests have left. Wedding favors should remind your guests of the fun-filled evening, without overdoing it. No one wants a cup or koozie with large monogrammed initials of the couple on them or a bottle opener shaped like an old fashioned key. These items are not practical or things guests truly want to have around their own house. Here are four up and coming ideas that are quickly gaining popularity that you can replicate for your wedding favor that your guests will love and happily want to take home at the end of the night.

    1.  Mini Hangover Kits. These wedding favors are comical, practical, and easy to put together. Grab a mini water bottle to tie a small drawstring bag around, and fill it with goodies! These can include a 2 pack of Advil, sticks of gum or mints, chapstick, and a mini mouthwash. Finish it off with a cute tag and phrase such as “Love is the best medicine” or “You were there for us last night, we’re here for you the morning after”. Whether they need it that morning or want to keep in their bag for an emergency, your guests will love this idea and are sure to take them at the end of the night.

    2.  Potted Succulents or Air Plants. These two plants are so easy to care for as they require minimal work. Water succulents once a week or once every other week, and air plants can go once a month. They’ll look good on a desk or windowsill at the homes of your guests. No one can resist taking home a plant to brighten up their home or office. Mini succulents can be bought in bulk off Amazon or Etsy so it’s easy to put together this favor while also watching your budget. These favors can also double as place cards! Your guests will have them at their table the whole night (also adding some extra table decorations for your wedding). 

    3. Mini Cocktail Kit. You can’t go wrong with alcohol at a wedding. When guests make their cocktail at home, they will be reminded of your special evening. And, depending on what you include in these kits, they will get a bar spoon and/or jigger to have at home. These kits can be put in small metal tins that can be reused by the guests in the future and custom labels can be made to enclose the tin and hold the kit together. Keep it simple and have one cocktail for every kit, or make a variety and let guests pick their favorite. For underage guests, “mocktail” kits can be made so they can enjoy the favor too!

    4. Pens and Notepads or Notebooks. No matter what, people always need something to write with or write on. Pens and notepads, or notebooks, make very practical wedding favors that guests will use almost every day. It’s easy to put the special date on the pen or in small print on the top of the notepad or back of the notebooks so it won’t be over the top. Then, whenever the guest uses either the pen or notepad, they will be reminded of the beautiful wedding. It can also serve as entertainment for younger guests as they can draw or color to stay occupied throughout the evening. 

    Designing wedding favors that guests can interact with will increase the chances of guests taking these home. They’re fun but practical. Guests can use these at home to create something they enjoy, like a drink or a beautiful new plant. These favors will not spoil or expire, so they can be enjoyed at any time by the guests on any occasion! Keep the spirit of your special evening alive with these great favors!

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    Author: Amanda Gray