Tech Tips: Blogging to Promote your Event

    Did you know you can use your blog to promote your events? It’s a great way to utilize free marketing, build excitement, and boost attendance. Here are some tips on how you can promote your events using your blog.

    Brainstorm Your Blog Topics

    First, take some time to brainstorm a bunch of topics you can write about. Make sure the topics directly tie into your event. For example, you could write one blog post on the overall theme of your event, and another on the speeches that will be presented at your event. You could also write one blog post that highlights the event venue and the featured entertainment if you’ve booked a band to perform. If you get stuck coming up with topics, try brainstorming with a couple colleagues. As the saying goes, “two brains are better than one.”

    Create a Publishing Schedule

    Determine how often and at what time you will be publishing each post. Typically it’s best to try to post one article per day leading up to the event. If it’s a smaller event, you may want to only create posts for the two or three weeks leading up to it. For larger-scale events, you may want to start publishing posts a couple of months in advance. Also, what days and times you publish your posts will vary greatly depending on your target audience. For example, if you’re hosting a business event, you will want to publish your posts during the weekdays as they will reach the largest audience at that time. If you’re planning a music festival, you’ll probably want to post your articles on the weekends when your audience will be online researching fun things to do.

    Write Your Blogs with Pizazz and Include Photos

    The most important aspect of your event marketing blog is the actual writing. You need to capture the attention of your readers right away with a creative blog title and interesting introduction. Otherwise you simply won’t draw them into the article. Make sure that your writing is clear and concise but also creative and action-oriented. Additionally, you will want to include photos within each blog post in order to break up the text and make the article easy to digest. Add photos of your , any cool decorations or party favors that will be at your event. It’s also best to include sub-headlines and bullet points to make your article easy to skim.

    Include Valuable Links

    While you’re writing your posts, think of additional resources that would be useful to your readers and include links to those resources within your article. For example, you should have a webpage with all the event specifics, such as an online event invitation. This would be a perfect webpage to link back to within your blog post. If there are other third party websites that have good information regarding your event topic you can also include links to those. It’s best to make sure those third party websites you link are generally high quality and considered authoritative in their space. Linking to other websites that are poorly designed makes your own website look bad, so do the research and avoid linking to poor quality sites whenever possible.

    End Your Posts with Persuasive Call-to-Action

    At the end of each article, ask a question for your readers to answer or include any other strong call-to-action that fits with your business goals. Including a link to register for the event is a great way to end your blog posts. You could also drive home a sense of urgency by letting readers know that tickets are selling out fast and must reserve theirs before it’s too late. Finally, another idea is to offer 15% off or some other type of discount to get your readers to act and sign up for your event.

    Share Your Blog Posts Across Social Media

    Once your blog posts are published, be sure to share them across all relevant social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. If you are a part of any other niche sites that relate to your industry, you can post your blog article on those sites as well. If you have friends or colleagues who are willing, ask them to share your blog articles on their social sites too. The more people who are involved in sharing your posts, the better chances you have at boosting your event attendance and building buzz around your event.

    What other marketing tips do you have for event planners? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.