The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 6 Unique Gifts for Welcoming a Little One

    While baby showers are always one of the happiest celebrations, coming up with baby shower gift ideas is a different story. If you aren't careful, you may be the fifth person to give the newborn baby a blanket with ducks or teddy bears on it! Hopefully, the host of the baby shower will register at a store so you know what to get her and what has already been purchased. This is always an easy option, but can be a little less personal or perhaps not as fun as picking out or even making a gift that both the mother and child will cherish for years. Below we have compiled a list of the most creative and thoughtful baby shower gift ideas that you can give at your next baby shower. Enjoy!

    Baby Quilt

    Newborn babies receive a lot of small blankets like swaddles from family members and friends alike. More often than not, these blankets only last a few months before the baby has grown out of them. Creating and sewing together a quilt, however, is something that a child will keep forever. Whether you promise to craft the quilt as the child grows up, using the material from their old baby and toddler clothes, or you would like to use other material that has significance to you, the child, or the child's parents, the gift will hold sentimental value and will be something the child can keep well into adulthood.

    Daddy-to-Be & Mommy-to-Be Survival Kits

    During baby showers, the majority of gifts include clothing, toys, and blankets for the newborn child. While all of that may be fun and is definitely useful, it is also nice to consider the future parents. Soon enough, your friends will be dedicating every waking hour to their newborn baby and they will, without a doubt, need a break; something to help them along the way. That is why survival kits for these parents-to-be is not only thoughtful but also just necessary. The best part about these survival kits is that you can fill them up with whatever you like. Whether it's their favorite wine or treats, babysitter recommendations, gift cards to clothing and home goods store, or just bags and bags of coffee beans, your gift will be widely used and extremely helpful.

    Diaper Cakes

    Cake is a staple at baby showers, but a hot trend is the fabulously festive diaper cake. New parents cannot get enough diapers and the cost of these smelly little necessities do add up! This is why creating a diaper cake, similar to the one in the picture above, is always a great go-to present, either to pair it with something else or if you are short on time and ideas. Rest assured that the mother or father-to-be will be plenty grateful for the extra diapers you are providing them, which means less trips to the market.  Chickabug is a great website that gives a step-by-step diaper cake tutorial.

    Baby Keepsake

    Every mom and dad-to-be is different. Some expecting mothers and fathers are too caught up prepping the house for the new baby that they miss out on those small, meaningful mementos that they can reflect back on later. This is why creating a baby keepsake is a great baby shower gift idea. There are multiple ways you can do this. For example, if you are putting together a picture frame that will consist of the baby's picture, first booties, first socks, birth certificate, and more, most of those things will not be readily available until after the baby is born. When creating this gift, you can make the frame and map out what will go where, so when the baby is born, all the mother or father needs to do is insert these items into the frame and they will have a beautiful keepsake for the nursery.

    iPhone Baby Monitor

    With iPhone applications being able to do just about anything, it is no surprise that they have developed a baby monitor application on the iPhone. Baby monitors are an essential item for parents of infants. With this sophisticated baby monitor, parents are not only able to hear their child's cries and coos, but they will be able to see their baby as well, which is a comforting feature for first-time parents. With this application, there is no need to purchase an expensive, state-of-the-art baby monitoring system. The parents-to-be will be grateful for such a convenient gift and you could use money from your gift budget to go back into your parents survival kit!

    Baby Library

    Another great baby shower gift idea is the classic gift of books. Everyone has a favorite book, sometimes ones they have kept since their childhood. When a child reads a book multiple times, they discover something new not only about the book but about themselves. Starting a library for a newborn is the perfect way to make sure the child is exposed to the wonderful world of books. Adding an inscription explaining why the book is important to you and how it will be hopefully important to the child is always a personalized touch to this amazing present. Whether you start it off with just a one book and add to the collection each year, or give the child a lofty lump of classic books for the baby shower, this gift will last through the years as opposed to just the first few months of the baby's life.

    Have you been to a baby shower or thrown a baby shower recently? Did you come across any unique and exciting baby shower gifts? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Looking for a baby shower venue? Check out our top picks for venues in New York and LA. For more ideas on baby showers, head to our post about baby shower party ideas.