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13 Jul 2021 | By Rachel Calkins

How to Create the Perfect Baby Shower Favors

If you are reading this as you begin to plan a baby shower, then congratulations on the newest addition to your family or the family of the mother you are planning for! There are many elements to planning a shower - decor, food, drinks, registry coordination, and shower favors, to name a few. Today, we are going to discuss how to create the perfect baby shower favors and some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. 

Keep it classy


By simply Google searching “baby shower favors”, there will be a large variety of ideas that come up as a search result. Some ideas are certainly going to be a better fit to one person’s tastes over another. When it comes to choosing shower gifts for a baby boy vs girl, most of the gifts seem to be very gender-neutral but can be played on with different colors. While the favor is a representation of the baby coming, it is also meant for the guest to enjoy.

Baby Shower Favors

Some ideas:

  • Coffee or tea that says “A baby is brewing”
  • Bath bombs
  • Seeds for gardening
  • Succulents
  • Honey pots with dipper
  • Personalized cookies
  • Body lotion
  • Candles
  • Jam tins
  • Soaps


Add some personalization


Now that you have some ideas on the items to include as a favor, it is time to think about adding an element of personalization to the gift. For instance, can the labels on anything be personalized? Can the cookies have cute sayings or phrases that are personal to the baby or expecting mother? I recently attended a baby shower, and the favors included a stunning personalized cookie, a honey pot and dipper, and a cute label to tie it all together. 


Take a look at some of the cookies that were included in the favor, personalized for Baby boy Adlestein. The cookies include baby rattles, onesies, and words like “Baby Adlestein”, “baby” and “little man” in the colors green, blue, and gold to match the baby shower color scheme. The look was both personalized and classy! If you are in the Massachusetts area, check out Jenns Frosted Cakery, located in Grafton, MA, where these cookies were made.

Baby Shower Favors                   Baby Shower Favors.                   Baby Shower Favors

Presentation is important


How you present anything, whether it be food on a plate or a gift at a shower, will look a whole lot better when thought has been put into the presentation. For the shower I attended, the favors were all packed into a sheer gold gift bag with a small drawstring. These bags can be found anywhere, including as easily as on Amazon. They are a cheap option that adds a whole element of classiness to the gift. The favor I received also included a circular gift tag that says “thank you” on it with a green floral print around the outside, like this one here. And then finally, the favors were presented at the baby shower in a large wooden basket near the exit of the restaurant so that guests could easily take one on the way out. Another option for presentation could be to place them on the guests’ seats to see upon arrival. Think about the flow and location of the shower, and then make the decision about where favors would look best. 

Baby Shower Favors

Other elements to consider

There are many different ways that someone can go about creating the perfect baby shower gift, but keeping it classy, adding personalization, and considering presentation are three ways it will certainly be a standout favor.


Something else to consider is the eco-friendliness of the gift and its materials. Do you use eco-friendly materials and reusable bags? Try to prioritize this as much as possible so no one feels like anything is a “waste”. What about if you are expecting twins? Think about items that come in pairs or duos, like “PB&J” or “bread and butter” that could be a theme to a favor item. Lastly, always make sure to prepare more than enough favor gifts for the number of recipients. While showers almost always require an RSVP list to give the host a headcount, something could happen and you would not want to be short of a gift or two. Always be prepared with extra favors, and they could even be sent home to a guest’s sister or mother at the end of the event.

Baby Shower Favors

What is the best baby shower gift you have ever received? Let us know!

Have you been to a baby shower or thrown a baby shower recently? Did you come across any unique and exciting baby shower gifts? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram. Looking for a baby shower venue? Browse thousands of beautiful venues on EventUp to find and reserve the perfect spot to celebrate your new bundle of joy.

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