The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting Party Equipment

    The first place to start when you are planning an event that requires renting equipment is to make a list of all the things you need to rent. Do a run through with the owner of the event space to figure out what you are allowed to bring in and also you can find out what they have in order to determine what you will need. Also, the further in advance you can go to the rental shop with the list, the greater the guarantee that they will have all your desired equipment available for the day of your event, because you can reserve it. Depending on what type of party you are having, there will be different needs to be met and make sure that equipment is accounted for. To insure you don’t forget anything, making a list with specific categories, such as food, electronics, and seating and flooring. How many guests do you need to account for and how many chairs will you need? Underlying these broad categories should be subcategories; under food, you might think about serving dishes, platters and utensils. If there is catering available through your venue, you typically do not have to worry about providing serving platters, but again, definitely something worth asking about. Within the entertainment subcategory might be extension cords, projection materials, sound system, etc. Although many event venues provide seating and tables for events, it is definitely a worthy question to ask, just in case you have to rent extra tables and chairs or if you need to provide your own stage or dance floor. In addition to providing tables and chairs, usually venues will have lighting available, but if you want to bring in special lighting to evoke a particular mood or reflect a particular theme, then lighting might be another thing to add to your party rental equipment list.

    When choosing a place to rent party equipment, make sure to do some background checking with previous clients or look for reviews about the party rental shop. Once you double check the legitimacy of the rental shop, expect to pay a non-refundable deposit, which is usually one-third of the cost of your rental equipment. A great way to save money on equipment is to ask if there are any specials going on and ask about rental insurance on expensive rental items. When you go to the party equipment rental shop, don’t assume that the rental company has everything and also don’t assume that the venue has everything. Asking specific questions about details is a great way to insure that you will not be missing something important the day of the event. Another thing to ask about is rental return policies and when the best times to return rental equipment are.

    Here is a brief list of Do’s and Don’ts s to remember when planning your next party where rental equipment is involved:
    -Make a categorized list of all the equipment you may need
    -Reserve equipment early!
    -Do a background check on the rental company and read client reviews
    -Expect to pay a non-refundable deposit
    -Ask about rental insurance
    -Ask if there are any specials going on
    -Ask about return policies
    -Get equipment back to rental company in time so you don’t have to pay a late fee

    -Assume that one single rental company has all the equipment you need
    -Wait until the last minute to reserve party equipment
    -Turn in rental equipment late