Throwing an eco-friendly corporate event

    Corporate Social Responsibility is important, and ever more relevant in the ways in which customers choose who they want to buy from. To help reduce your carbon footprint, why not use these easy tips to make a big impact?

    Use recycled/recyclable materials

    Either use real plates and cutlery that are reused, or if you have to buy paper plates and plastic cups, buy ones that are recycled or can be recycled. This will significantly reduce your carbon footprint at virtually the same cost as normal plates!

    Provide Recycling Bins

    It sounds obvious, but unless there are lots of clearly labeled recycling bins around, people will toss into the garbage your carefully selected recyclable cups. 


    Where possible, use natural light. Choose a well-lit room, and even if the sun is setting you can keep the lights off while the room becomes moodily lit. You could even try to rely more on candles than on electric lights where possible – they smell great, too!


    Encourage your guests to carpool if they’re coming from a similar location – maybe by working it out on their behalf and contacting them to ask if they would be interested. 


    Look For Local. Where possible, try to source your ingredients from the area, saving on transport emissions while simultaneously supporting local businesses. 

    These easy tips should make it possible to make small changes with a big impact. After all, who doesn’t love an eco-event!