Top 5 Bridesmaid Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    What an honor; one of your besties has chosen you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Being a part of a wedding really is special, and you might have some ideas of things that you should do to be the best bridesmaid possible.. but have you ever thought about things that you shouldn't do? We're here to help: we came up with the top 5 bridesmaid mistakes, and how you can avoid them!

    Mistake #1: Making excuses. No excuses! If you're a bridesmaid, you shouldn't have anything else to do on the day of the wedding, the bridal shower, or the bachelorette party. Being a bridesmaid is a commitment, and your friend will be devastated if you back out for something else. If you have a legitimate excuse, such as something in the family, your friend might understand. But don't blow off your friend's special day just because a cute guy asks you on a date.

    Mistake #2: Complaining. You better not be complaining about a thing! The bride is probably going to pick out exactly what you and the rest of the bridesmaids are going to wear to the wedding. Don't fight it, love the dress! It might not be your favorite color, and the shoes might not match exactly how you want them to. She might even want you in cowboy boots. You might not love the wedding venue, and it might not be your idea of a perfect night. But remember, it's not your day. So let her do whatever she wants just this once!

    Mistake #3: Forgetting about things. Put effort into planning the events leading up to the wedding. Help plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party! If you aren't thinking about it, the other bridesmaids might not be either, and you wouldn't want your friend to go without a shower or a party! Show her that you care, and plan events that she's bound to remember and that you know she'll want to do.

    Mistake #4: Going overboard. You can be a good bridesmaid without being overbearing. Help the bride and be there for her, but don't bend over backwards for her! Brides are often stressed and emotional before their weddings, so it is important that you're a good friend, but you can help lower her stress level by not calling/texting her every hour.

    Mistake #5: Being selfish. Your friend's wedding is not about you. You don't want to be selfish. Don't go to your friend's wedding looking for a handsome guy that might be your true love, and don't make a scene after too many drinks at the bar. Remember that this is her special day, so even though you might not like the dress and shoes, or the wedding reception isn't exactly the way that you want yours to be, it doesn't matter. Your time will come too, and it's important that you respect the bride, especially because she is bound to be a ball of stress. No one wants a bad group of bridesmaids on their special day.

    Have you ever been a bridesmaid and found yourself running into problems or making mistakes? Share your stories with us in a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!