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Aubrey Ungvarsky
Aubrey Ungvarsky | 3 Aug 2021

Wedding Venue Walkthrough - The Ultimate Checklist

Your wedding… THE event of all events where attention to detail is a must and nothing can be missed or left out. This means the venue must be just right and carry all the necessities to match your dream. 


This is why having a master checklist is so important. It will help alleviate some of the stress that comes with picking your perfect venue and mitigates the chance of forgetting any vital details concerning your day.  With many top venues booking months (even years) in advance and so many options for locations, using this essential venue walkthrough checklist is step one to finding the perfect event spot.

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Walkthrough Checklist


Venue Availability

The first and most important stop on your wedding venue checklist is making sure your ideal location is available. Nail down these details of your locale first, including:

  • Is my date available? (If you have one in mind)
  • Will we be sharing the day with other weddings or events? If so, how many?
  • Is exclusive booking available so that we can have the place for just our event?
  • What is the window for our event, including set-up and takedown? How flexible is our booking window?
  • Is this only a ceremony venue or can the reception be held here, too?


Wedding Style

Whether you are someone who has had a dream wedding in their mind since childhood, or you’ve only just begun to have it sink in that you’re getting married, odds are that you have some personal preference on what you want your day to look like. Wedding themes stretch from super small and simple to an over-the-top extravaganza - you just need to keep in mind what works best for you and who you are. By asking the following questions, you will narrow down your search for the venue that matches your taste. 

  • Do you have pictures of past weddings held here? 
  • How would you describe your venue’s “style”?
  • What other types of events are typically held here? 
  • Do you allow outside vendors?


The Hutton House

The Hutton House

Professional Support and Planning Services

Some venues simply offer themselves as a venue only while others offer catering and drink services, preferred vendors, and decor. Still more are ready to take your wedding from plan to perfection with an onsite event team that’s well-versed in all the wedding details you need done. Get to know your venue by asking these important questions:

  • Do you offer wedding packages? If so, does a planner or day-of coordinator come as part of the booking?
  • What services are included in the planning fees?
  • Will the planner be there on the day of the wedding? If not, who will be on hand to handle any issues or questions that may arise?
  • Can we meet with the planner before making our final venue decision?
  • Will staff be available for set up and take down?


Wedding Day Logistics

There are plenty of questions you’ll likely have regarding your wedding preferences. It may include anything from special guests to furry pets. Be sure you brainstorm all of the details of the big day in advance and use them as the basis for your interview questions. While these questions are the most popular, keep in mind that your unique style may require additional, specialized questions as well:

    • What vendors are included or allowed? Can I work with outside vendors?
    • What audio/visual equipment is included in the price or for a fee? How WiFi, lighting and special effects be handled?
    • If we book both the wedding and reception, is there space for performers, dancing, etc.?
    • What does the parking look like? Is valet available?
    • Is the venue accessible for differently-abled guests?
    • What accommodations can you provide for those with assistive devices?
    • Are there restrictions on smoking, drinking, noise, or flash photography?
    • What unique local ordinances should we know about in advance (no open containers after 1 am, for example)?
    • How many restrooms are available? Are they labeled by gender? Are there gender-neutral or family restrooms? What about infant changing tables?
    • Can we hang our own decorations? If so, what restrictions are in place for adhesives?
    • Are candles permitted?
    • Can pets be included in our event?
    • If the event is held outdoors, what will happen in inclement weather?


When Event Planning - Money Matters

The above questions don’t matter much if the venue doesn’t fit into your budget. Avoid surprises and outlandish bills by getting the answers to these before you book:

  • How is your venue price portioned out? Is it priced hourly, daily, or by a time block?
  • Are there discounts for different days or times of the year?
  • What is the deposit? What are the terms for getting it back if unsatisfied? Is there a cancellation policy?
  • Can we pay in installments? What payment methods do you accept?
  • What other costs could we expect?
  • How are service staff tipped?
  • Is there a cleaning deposit or additional gratuity to consider?


Stone Mountain Estates

Stone Mountain Estates

Additional Questions to Ask the Venue and Event Planner

These are the basic questions you should ask, but there are certainly other elements to consider. Things like liability insurance, waivers, and permissions are also important to ask about. Will the event venue be able to use photos of your wedding in their promotional and marketing materials, for example? Who is responsible if someone gets hurt on the premises?

If the venue is also a hotel, get to know how the booking works, and what discounts are available for your guests. If you do get a discounted room rate for booking the wedding there, how many guests have to book? What is the window for booking? How can guests ensure they’re getting the best rate?


Why Getting The Right Venue Matters

Whether you choose to hold your event in a quaint country barn or glitz it up for a red carpet-worthy party, getting the event venue correct is essential. Don’t take the decision lightly and be confident in your choice. 

With so much to look forward to, it can be frustrating to have to consider so many tiny details. If you select the best venue, however, it will do much to ease your burden and take some of the more intricate planning items off your to-do list. Use these questions as a blueprint to find a venue that will partner with you on your wedding day and give you the kind of five-star service you deserve. 


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