Unique Halloween Party Decorations

    Halloween is right around the corner. And even though it may look a bit different this year than years past, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun decorating for our Halloween themed events, no matter the size. Check out these five fun and unique ideas for spooky decorating.

    1. Haunted Portraits

    Empty wall space in your home or event venue? Then you have the perfect canvas for a haunted portrait wall. This takes a few steps but is definitely worth the work. Start by printing out photos of your family and friends in black and white. You don’t need to spend money doing this - simply print them out on regular paper on your home printer. To “age” the portrait you’ll want to brush it lightly with a sponge dipped in a few drops of black craft paint mixed with water. Let the paper dry completely before moving on. Next, you’ll want to cut a piece of card stock the same size of the photo and glue it to the photo’s back. Using an x-acto knife, cut out the eyes of the picture’s subject(s), creating holes about ¼ inch in diameter. Frame the photo without using the glass of the frame. Insert red mini LED Christmas lights which you can easily find on Amazon, through the back of the eyeholes and replace the frame’s backing, securing it with tape if necessary. You can then add fangs to their mouths and even drape the frames in fake cobwebs. Hang the photos all over your home for a vibe that's both personal and scary.

    2. Halloween Balloon Garland

    Balloon garland and arches are still all the rage, and Halloween is the perfect time to showcase your skills. You can purchase black and orange balloons or step it up a notch with stick-on googly eyes and bats. Finish off your Halloween inspired work of balloon art by stringing fake cobwebs around it. The end result is sure to impress. 

    3. Eerie Bar Stations

    Did you know that you can download free old school apothecary labels online? Well, you can and they’re perfect for Halloween inspired bars. Replace your bourbon bottle’s label with one that says “Cyanide” and your vodka’s label with “Arsenic”. Create a ghoulish garnish section complete with gummy eyeballs and spiders. You can even order plastic syringes and fill them with red jello shots. Get your hands on some dry ice to add a dramatic effect, your guests will love it.

    4. Blood Decor

    You can turn literally any white piece of fabric into a nightmare with this easy trick. Simply get your hands in some red finger paint and go crazy. Your perfect white tablecloth will instantly look like something out of a horror movie. Take it a step further and purchase cheap white curtains and add bloody handprints to them. Or a white shower curtain in write “help me” in red paint across it with bloody handprints. Your entire home or venue can be turned into a murder scene with some white fabric and red finger paint. 

    3. Frightening Food

    Looking for a snack to serve that’s as delicious as it is scary? Look no further than this simple trick. Take surgical see-through gloves and add candy corn to each fingertip then fill with popcorn, tie the ends, and voila! You’ve got yourself a cheap, easy, and frightening snack that all ages will enjoy.


    Have any more unique Halloween party decorations to add to the list? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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    Author: Kate Kennedy