What Are The Best Ways To Discourage No-Shows at Events?

    One of the biggest challenges as an event planner is getting an accurate head count. It is an extremely common problem that can have a not-so-stellar impact on all kinds of events. Check out our tips and techniques on some of the best ways to discourage no-shows at events.

    Send a Reminder
    Typically it’s best to send a reminder one week before and 24-hours before your event. Send these reminders via text, email, or social media sites depending on the type of event. If you’re planning a formal party then you may want to consider sending a reminder postcard in the mail.

    Keep the Buzz Going

    Promote your event continually leading up to the date. If you are planning a trade show or other large scale event, it’s a great idea to even continue marketing and promoting the event after the doors open until it ends. Post photos of the event space on your social media pages, include information on any contests or giveaways, and highlight any other main points in your marketing efforts.

    Give Guests a Way to Reach You

    It’s important to include your guests in the conversation. Always give them a way to communicate with you, ask questions, get their feedback, and demonstrate that you are truly listening to their comments. Making it easy for guests to reach you will increase the likelihood of receiving accurate RSVP / registration numbers and will reduce the amount of no-shows.

    Manage Expectations

    It’s virtually impossible to have zero no-shows. They should be an expected part of planning any event. If you’ve booked an event venue with limited capacity, be sure to calculate your total number of guests accurately. Most event planners estimate a no-show rate of anywhere from 5 to 20 percent however this number varies greatly depending on the type of event.

    Send Targeted Messages to the Missing

    There are a number of email and other messaging services out there you can use to send targeted messages to your no-show guests. Certain real-time check-in apps also allow you to message people who have registered but not checked in to the event.

    Say Thank You

    Thank your guests for attending your event and give them a useful parting gift. Also, give them a reason to attend your next event. This technique will help reduce no-shows at your next event by leaving your guests with a lasting and favorable impression of you.

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