What happens when something goes wrong at your event?

    Even the biggest events in the world, with the most preparation and planning, are often not pulled off without glitches.

    Take the Golden Globes last weekend for example. This major event is the kickoff of the award season. The fun, lighthearted event of the year. Anticipation for the night is in the air for weeks beforehand. But that day, organizers of the event felt more panic than anticipation.

    The red carpet almost closed down due to a burst pipe...proving to all of us in the event industry that disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. And since Hunters don’t pair nicely with most gowns (although we don’t hate the look…), the group at the Beverly Hilton had to hustle to make sure the the carpet got cleaned up quickly.

     The Flood of the Golden Globes, 2014.

    How do you handle disasters? We’ve put together a few tips on getting through potential event spoilers.

    1) Stay calm. There is nothing good that can come from a freak out. If you stay calm, and demonstrate that you have things under control, your guests will remain calm as well.

    2) Be upfront. While you want to remain calm, you do want to make sure you clearly communicate with your guests what is happening. If there is a flood, the power is out, or the HVAC isn’t working, be upfront with your clients. They sometimes can help find a solution.

    3) Ask for help. Oftentimes, other local venues are willing to help one another out in times of emergency. If the event ends up needing to be moved, have a backup plan. If emergency repairs or cleaning needs to take place, call everyone you know to come help. Even a foe could become a friend in times of need.

    4) Help keep perspective. Oftentimes, since you’ve pulled off dozens, hundreds, even thousands of events without a glitch, the smallest thing can send things into chaos. Remember...most of the time, guests don’t notice these things. If the restroom floods, just put an “Out of Order” sign, and directions to the next closest facility.

    Keeping perspective and creative can help you get out of almost any jam.

    Tell us...what’s the worst thing that’s happened to at one of your events, and what did you do to fix it?