10 Unique Things to Do After Prom

    Prom is definitely a night to remember, but the party doesn't have to stop at the event venue. Here are some unique ideas for what to do when the dance is over.

    1. Midnight Bowling

    If you're still riled up from the dance, but don't feel like going to an after-party, midnight bowling is the perfect post-prom trip. With colorful lights, music, food, and friends, it's a great way to continue the fun while mixing it up.

    2. Mini Golf

    If bowling isn't your thing, mini golf will be a great post-prom activity, with many courses staying open late. Head out from the event venue straight to the closest mini golf location and putt the night away!

    3. Midnight Movie

    Sometimes, all you need to unwind from a night of dancing is watching a movie with your closest friends. Going to the movies is a fun and easy activity that everyone can enjoy, not to mention there are usually a multitude of theaters to choose from. Get a head start on summer blockbusters and catch one right after prom!

    4.  Night Swimming

    There is nothing more refreshing after hours of dancing than a dip in the pool. Spending the night swimming with your closest friends and rehashing prom in the jacuzzi is a great, low-key way to end your prom.

    5. Arcade

    Consider heading to an arcade and playing some DDR or Pac Man after the dance. It will get the last of your dancing energy out!

    6. Late Night Snack - Diner

    Showing off your moves on the dance floor can work up a serious appetite. You and your group can go to a late-night diner near the event location and scarf down some burgers with a side of milkshake!

    7. Camping

    If you and your friends are the outdoorsy type, consider going on a post-prom camping trip. Just head straight from the prom venue to a camping spot and surround the fire while making s'mores with your best friends.

    8. Karaoke Party

    After the dance, take a trip to a karaoke studio or set up a karaoke station at your house and sing the night away!

    9. All-Age Comedy Club

    Almost everybody enjoys a good comedy show now and then. Keep the laughter and fun going by heading to a comedy show, which usually start on the later side!

    10. Beach Bonfire

    Beach bonfires are a great way to relax, spend time with friends, dip your feet in the water, and just live in the moment. It could also be a great way to round out the day, if you started your day relaxing on the beach, as suggested in our pre-prom activities.

    How are you going to celebrate after prom? Know of any unique ideas? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.