5 Useful Apps For Event Planners

    Event planners will take all the help they can get to ensure that their events run smoothly, and one of the best tools a planner has is right in the palm of their hand - literally. Smartphones give us access to tons of apps that are a great resource for completing tasks quickly and efficiently. From checking in attendees to sending important messages and updates to your team, or quickly finding a place to print some last-minute signage - event planners can do it all from their cell phones.  Here’s a list of apps in our digital tool kit for when you’re onsite at an event. 

    heytell app


    It’s important to communicate updates and changes to your team on-site to make sure that everyone has the most up to date information. Turn your team’s phones into instant walkie talkies with the HeyTell app. Voice messages are fasters than SMS messages, and it’s free! If you’ve ever had to pay to get your team walkie-talkies at an event, try downloading this app instead.



     Or any other SMS. WhatsApp is great for iOs and Android users, and it will work over basic wifi without cellular service. Keep   your team organized by creating a messaging group with your event contacts before the event so that while you’re busy running around on the day of your event you can quickly and easily reach your team. 

    camera app


     OK, technically not an app, but hear us out. Your phone’s camera can help you in multiple ways throughout your event. During   site visits, take photos to help you remember the space while you plan. At your event, always have your camera ready to take   photos of your event and hard work - it will be useful when you want to look back and remember what you did, share on social   media, or help promote your event next year. 


    Aroundme app


     If your event job has you traveling you’ll want to download this app. AroundMe identifies your position and shows you a       complete list of places in a category you’ve chosen, along with how close it is to you. Scrolling along Google Maps can waste    time - and time is precious when you’re looking for the nearest place to buy last-minute supplies for your event.



    splash app


     Splash is an event marketing platform that will help you market and measure your event. It's great for creating and hosting an   event where you want to check in your attendees, rather than carrying around a piece of paper - and it integrates with   Marketo  which is always helpful! Mobile check-in apps are always a time saver at the end of the your event and creates a   pleasant experience for your attendees on-site.


    While these five apps may help you while you’re working on your event, we’ve have also shared more apps in our digital tool kit that will help you plan and prepare for your next upcoming event: 5 More Useful Apps for Event Planners

    What apps can you not live without when it comes to planning an event? Share with us in the comments below, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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    Author: Rachel Mazzola