5 Apps All Event Planners Should Try

    Events have come a long way over the years, due in large part to how fast technology is improving. In order to draw larger crowds and stay relevant, event managers can leverage the vast improvements in technology to their advantage.

    After using EVENTup to find the perfect venue for their next event, event planners should download these five apps:

    1// Eventbrite - A great, all-inclusive event planning/executing tool, Eventbrite will ensure that your next event goes off without a hitch. In a few simple steps, you can easily set up your event and spread the word about why your event can't be missed. Come event time, easily check guest lists and share up-to-the-second updates with attendees so everyone stays in the loop.

    2// Zerista - Zerista provides a great platform for event attendees to connect. Using integrated social media discussions, Zerista allows attendees to create profiles, choose interests and find sessions most relevant to their desired event experience. Add personalized schedules, interactive maps and polls/surveys for attendee feedback to this app's repertoire, and it seems there's little this app can't do.

    3// Heytell - In order to communicate with your team effectively, sometimes calling on old-school methodology works best. Turn your cell phone into a walkie-talkie, and communicate with your team faster than you could send a text or make a call.

    4// Super Planner - There's nothing worse than miscalculating seating or running out drinks before your event is over. Super Planner lets you avoid these blunders by providing tools for calculating how many staff you'll need on hand, how much food to order or how best to set up seating in the venue.

    5// Hootsuite - Social is crucial to pull off a successful event, and Hootsuite allows those managing social at your event to keep tabs on what your guests are saying that very minute as well as post pictures and send updates on what your followers are missing.

    What apps can you not live without when it comes to planning an event? Share with us in the comments section, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!