Must-Have Apps for Event Planning

    Planning an event can be quite a daunting task. From inviting your guests to booking your venue location, there is a lot to take on. Luckily for us, technology has made planning events the easiest it has been. Even luckier for you, we have compiled our favorite event planning apps so you can start planning right away!

    Red Stamp:
    If you are going for a more traditional method of sending out invitations, Red Stamp is the perfect application for that. You can create invitations using various designs and personalized pictures. While you still have the option of simply emailing the invitations out, Red Stamp allows you to order and ship physical cards for an affordable price (and you don’t have to do any of the manual labor).


    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to let people know about your event and a virtual database of who is going and who is not,  Evite will do the trick. Evite is great because we all know that RSVPing via phone or mail can be an archaic task that most people forget to do. Luckily, Evite eliminates that by allowing people to RSVP with just the click of a button. Guests can also comment and upload photos of the event for all the attendees to see. Evite is a must for a fun, casual gathering.

    Party & Event Planner:

    Party Planner is  an essential application because it is like having an assistant in your pocket. It comes equipped with a to-do list, guest list, and an expense calculator. The best feature of this app is it’s drink calculator. All you have to do is input the amount of attendees, the expected drinking behavior, the length of the event, and the types of drinks that will be offered. With this information, Party Planner will give you a rough estimate of how much of each drink is needed. This is absolutely amazing since having a shortage of drinks can defer guests from attending in the future.

    Check In Easy:
    Check In Easy is a must-have for companies planning large events that require a check in. All you have to do is upload your RSVP excel file and you will be ready to start checking people in at your event venue. If you are waiting for a special guest, you can set up text and email alerts for when they have checked in. With Check In Easy, you no longer need to shuffle through pages of names and guests will enter your event with ease.

    Mise En Place:
    If you are planning to cook for your event, Mise En Place will help you organize everything necessary for your food preparation. With this app, you can organize when to prepare each dish, the necessary ingredients, and the preparation tasks needed to make the dish. If you are having people helping you cook for your event, Mise En Place is the perfect way to delegate tasks in an organized manner.

    What are some of your favorite event planning apps? Did we miss any must-have apps? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook or Twitter.