5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Your Corporate Holiday Party

    With the holiday season fast approaching many of us have begun to shift our focus from our normal day to day to designing the perfect end-of-year celebration for our colleagues. Whether you choose to do it in the middle of the season or postpone festivities to January when we all have a moment to breathe, celebrating the success of the past year is a must (especially after the kind of year we are having). Hosting a holiday party is more than just a chance to unwind, however, it’s an opportunity to create the kind of experience that everyone talks about and looks forward to all year. Keeping that in mind, here are a few reasons why you’ll want to hire a professional photographer to capture these special moments, rather than rely on your trusty iPhone.


    1. Create a Gallery

    The same reason why people hire professional photographers for their wedding is the same reason you should hire one for your holiday party - you’ll have a gallery of photos to remember your event from start to finish. While events take months to plan they feel like they happen in a blink of an eye - so hire someone to capture the entire night for you. After the event, upload all the photos to a website like SmugMug and share with your colleagues so that everyone relives the celebration. Having a beautiful gallery of images from the night will keep people talking about the event well after it’s over, and people will be able to look back through the years of parties past.


    2. Show Off Your Company Culture

    The holiday party is the perfect opportunity to show off your company culture; your employees have never looked better than when they are glammed up, socializing, and enjoying some bubbly! You’ll want professional photos to help promote your culture and provide some snapshots to prospective employees. Nothing helps show off your culture and colleagues than some expertly captured candid moments!


    3. Use for Future Event Marketing

    Need some photos for your company website? Even though portrait mode on the iPhone is pretty great, only a professional can handle a variety of lighting conditions, fully document the event to tell a story, and make everyone look their best. Having professional photos will provide quality, reusable content for your website, social media, and your blog that you can use to market holiday events and private parties.


    4. You Can Relax

    Event professionals rarely get to enjoy their hard work. We are usually running around making sure everything is getting done and running smoothly. We do all the behind the scenes jobs so that our attendees can relax and enjoy the night. Capturing photos at the event shouldn’t fall on you - hiring someone to be in charge of capturing moments gives you one less thing to worry about.


    5. Be IN the photos!

    Getting to enjoy your holiday celebration is one of the most fun parts of your holiday party - getting to experience your hard work as a guest can feel like a treat after all of the hard work of the past year. Instead of running around taking photos of the event yourself, you’ll be able to be IN the photos! You can also make sure that with a professional photographer they are capturing everyone at the event, so no one (not even you!) gets left out.


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    Author: Rachel Mazzola