6 Events You Should Host at a Theater

    Theaters are often rich with history, built to showcase creativity and bring art-loving communities together. They’re also known as fantastic venues for dance recitals, live performances, and film screenings. But, believe it or not, they also make great all-around event locales for other occasions, too.

    We’ve highlighted just a few common events to host at a lavish auditorium, but they are just a small selection of reasons to embrace the awesome A/V perks, large seating capacity, and unique décor. Here’s why you should consider hosting these (and other celebrations) at a theater near you. 

    Graduation Party
    Graduation is a busy time of year, and many are booking their venues months (or more) in advance. Don't overlook the potential for your local theater, which can serve as a place for young graduates to walk across the stage for their diploma and celebrate with food and festivities afterward. Theaters are a great option whether you’re planning a graduation ceremony or after-party. Not only are they spacious with plenty of seating (and clearly defined signs for bathrooms and exits), but you’re likely to get a good view of the graduating class from any seat in the house.

    Sweet 16 Bash
    Whether your teen is embracing the casual Sweet party 16 or opting for a more formal get-together, a theater may be the perfect venue to please the Gen-Z demographic. The theater is designed to make everything come together with less effort and can usually accommodate hundreds of close friends and family if need be. One of the most important elements will likely be the music, so make sure that the A/V offerings are top-notch and the lighting is primed for Instagrams galore (vintage photo booth, anyone?) and you’ll be good to go! Bonus: these venues also work for any rite of passage party, from Quinceañera to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs!  

    Venue pick: Choosing a venue like Kansas City’s Uptown Theater lets you create as much dazzle as you wish in a beautiful historic setting. Choose from four event spaces within the venue, create customizable LED lighting plans, and choose from a creative cuisine menu in this perfectly personalized locale. The impressive, restored space holds up to 460 guests! 

    Charity Gala
    Fundraising can be tough, and generating enthusiasm for your nonprofit organization sometimes requires some creative thinking — and a can’t-miss event, of course. That’s where a well-planned gala can be beneficial. With the opportunity to mix and mingle for charity while enjoying delicious food in a stunning space, they give everyone a chance to connect with those who share a heart for their common cause. A theater is designed to help you put on a show, which allows you to get creative with the entertainment — think live music, mesmerizing dance performances, and more. With venues for every budget, you can choose the that lets you spend less on location and give more back to those in need.

    Shareholder Event
    Whether you’re a small start-up company with a few angel investors to impress, or you want your entire family of stockholders to get a good view of the annual reports, theaters make it easy to speak to the crowd and have a little fun afterward. You can go big with music, guest speakers, drinks, and dinner, or keep it light with a few finger foods and a quick presentation. Either way, you can find a theater venue ready to help you bring your message to the people while getting you and your hardworking team out of the office. Time to celebrate!

    Venue pick: WaMu Theater in Seattle, Washington, offers flexible event space for any sized corporate event — they can even adjust the seating to accommodate your specific guest list. Get a capacity of up to 4,700 people in theater-style seating or 2,500 at buffet seating. This theater is also portable and can come to you upon request! 


    Retirement Party
    Whether you’ve worked in the same field your decades or found your true passion later in life, leaving a career can be a monumental (and sometimes bittersweet) moment. Commemorate the relationships built over time — and look forward to what lies ahead — with a celebratory retirement party. Theaters help create the moment with a stage for toasts and speeches, plus room for dinner, dancing and more. Book the right venue to tell the guest of honor that this is just the start of many wonderful years to come. 

    Viewing Soiree
    This may seem obvious, but why host a movie screening at a restaurant, outdoors, or against a building’s white wall when you could give guests the full theater experience? Few things can bring a crowd together like screening a classic Hollywood film or a nostalgic blockbuster during its 10 or 20 year anniversary. You can even host a family reunion and show a highlight real of homemade movies. Whatever your choice, you’ll have the benefit of surround sound, a huge screen, and comfy seats, among other amenities.

    Wedding Event
    What better way for a pair of cinephiles to celebrate their commitment to one another than through a theater wedding? Starting your life together on the big stage makes for an unforgettable moment for you and your attendees. Theaters have become a more popular place to share your vows, and they can easily transition from the ceremony to the afterparty. With seating for so many, plenty of lighting, and space for everything else you want and need, everyone can share in the magical moment.

    Venue pick: The Grenada in Dallas, Texas has been serving up an innovative wedding atmosphere for decades, taking cues from the Golden Age of Hollywood when it first opened in 1946. This locally owned and operated theater has an excellent catering and beverage service, three 20-foot screens, and a multi-level floor plan to accommodate everyone.


    There are too many party opportunities to mention them all here, but if you need lots of seating, a screen or stage, and amenities to accommodate dozens (or even hundreds) of guests, a theater is sure to make everyone you invite feel welcome. Since theaters have been delighting fans of screen and stage for decades, they know a thing or two about putting the guest first. Consider one of these venues the next time you want amazing service in a unique atmosphere for your memorable occasion.