6 Great Quinceanera Venues in Los Angeles

    For those who celebrate Quinceaneras, they are often a large turning point in a young girl's life. This 15th birthday marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood, where close friends and family gather in a big celebration. The concept takes form in many cultures at different ages. For example, in the Filipino culture, when a girl turns 18, she is considered a woman and holds a lavish party called a Debut, much like debutantes still do in the U.S. A Quinceanera is a large ceremony, comparable to a wedding, and often requires a sizeable event venue to accommodate such a milestone birthday. Luckily, Eventup has many to choose from! Below are some of our favorite picks for a Quinceanera.

    The Villa Sophia

    If you want to treat the birthday girl like a princess, then The Villa Sophia is the place to do it. Located in Los Feliz accommodating up to 75, this venue not only looks like a castle from the outside, but it is also tucked away in a residential, LA neighborhood and surrounded by acres of beautifully maintained green grass. This venue has also been home to many scenes for film shoots, such as Entourage and a collection of Victoria's Secret ads. The Villa Sophia has the perfect outdoor setup, where you and your guests can dance the night away next to a glistening pool while overlooking the Los Angeles cityscape.

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. Mansion

    Also located in Los Feliz, the Frank Lloyd Write, Jr. Mansion is another perfect venue to host your Quinceanera. This venue is similar to The Villa Sophia, but has a bit more of an antique vibe, not to mention the glamor of being in a mansion designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. With a maximum occupancy of 300, the Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. Mansion is perfect for those who have a large guest list. The backyard has a central courtyard where you and your guests can hold your festivities, be it a cocktail hour or full fledged dinner.

    Lot 613

    If you are looking for a more casual yet elegant setting and you still have a slightly large guest list, Lot 613 is your ideal venue. Located in the arts district in Downtown Los Angeles, this venue has a high ceiling, unfiltered skylights, and a loft style mezzanine. Whether you want a dance floor or a reception-like seating or both, this venue offers versatility for whatever your Quinceanera requires. The venue itself is very simple and can be transformed any way you like.

    The Holding Co

    While most Quinceaneras are comparable to weddings, often requiring fancy dress, makeup, and hair, there is always the option of having your Quinceanera a little more casual and artsy. If this is the overall direction you are heading, The Holding Co might be the perfect place to hold your special birthday. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, near the hip neighborhoods of Silver Lake and Echo Park, The Holding Co has an outdoor patio for live music, dancing, and dinner. Perfect for a more lax, low-key vibe at your Quinceanera.

    The Belvedere Mansion, Bel Air

    On your daughter's Quinceanera, why not take the opportunity to make her feel like Hollywood royalty? The Belvedere Mansion in Bel Air was actually one of the first of ten homes built in Bel Air and originally the house of a popular 1920’s film star. With a breathtaking outdoor area that can hold up to 250 guests and a landscape view of the city, this Elizabethan-style manor has a timeless charm that everyone can appreciate.

    Park Plaza

    If you prefer an indoor venue for your Quinceanera but still want to keep a historic, elegant ambiance, consider hosting your birthday bash at Park Plaza near Downtown Los Angeles. Park Plaza can hold up to 300 guests and has a Neo-Gothic architecture feel. Complete with a dance floor and banquet tables, this event venue is just the place to enjoy a meal, dance the night away, and celebrate your transition into a new stage of your life.

    Have you recently been to or thrown a Quinceanera? What are your favorite Quinceanera Eventup venues? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.