8 Party Ideas for Women-Focused Events

    Planning a party for an all-female crowd is certainly something that I know a lot about. I’ve been a bridesmaid twelve times, a maid of honor once, and the force behind many a baby shower. But, planning a women-focused event in today’s climate is a bit different. Check out these 8 great party ideas for women-focused events that will work today and into the future.

    Focus on wellness 

    Right now more than ever women (and men) are concentrating on their health and wellness. If the guest of honor at your party falls into the category of health-conscious, you could bring a bit of that wellbeing to the event. Hire a yoga instructor to do a quick flow at the venue and invite all guests to show up in their favorite workout gear. Favors could be water bottles or fitness headbands, and a smoothie bar could add some flavor. If an in-person event is out of the picture right now you could do a virtual yoga class and send each guest a custom tank top to wear during the zoom workout, and the invitations could include a fun smoothie recipe for them to try at home. Flex your creative muscles to bring the wellness trends to your next all-female event.


    Add a feminist touch

    Feminists get a bad rap but being a feminist doesn’t mean anything except that you support feminism and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that. If you’re hosting a party for a woman who fights for women’s rights, have fun with it. You could do a screening of an empowering female-focused documentary-like Lady Gaga’s “Gaga: Five Foot Two”, or the ever-powerful, “Miss Representation”. Guests can dress in theme as their favorite female powerhouse, and favors could be fun stickers with impactful feminist sayings on them. For those guests that can’t or choose not to attend in person, you can have them join in virtually and watch the documentary at their homes. This is a great way to celebrate women while celebrating a special occasion. 


    It’s all about the swag

    If there’s one thing that ALL women love, it’s free swag. A great ending to any female-focused event is a well thought out swag bag. There are plenty of brands that would love to get their products in the hands of a group of savvy women. Do some research and find local boutiques and salons who are willing to donate to your event with a small goody bag item. It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to larger brands through email or social media. Chances are they’ll at least donate discount cards or trial-size beauty products. Another great resource could be the local gyms and fitness studios. There are so many businesses out there that could benefit from your guests and of course, your guests will benefit from your vision.


    Instagram worthy events

    Women tend to post more photos on Instagram than men. Why? Because we love to show off the things that make us feel good. And a party with a group of our female cohorts is definitely one of those things. Get creative with decorations, flowers, and favors. Think balloon walls or flower arches, fun photo props, and a Pinterest worthy cocktail or candy table. If your event is virtual, invite your guests to create their own Insta-worthy backgrounds and post photos using a party themed hashtag. Your guests will be dying to show off how much fun they’re having.


    Mixology Party

    If you’re hosting an event for a crowd of females who love cocktails, then a mixology party might be just the thing. Ask each guest to bring a recipe card of their favorite cocktail. Set up a few mixing stations around your home with different liquor, mixers, props, and garnishes. You can post the recipe cards on an inspiration wall so guests can read them for ideas. Favors could be personalized martini glasses or drink kits. Of course, this event can also be done virtually with mixing kits sent to each guest home. Get those creative cocktail juices flowing!


    Create your own essential oil blends

    Essential oil parties are the new Tupperware parties. Most females have been invited to one but most don’t want to attend because although they may like and even want essential oils, they don’t want to get sucked into a weird pyramid scheme. So, why not bring a more casual essential oil approach to your next event with a create your own essential oil blend station. You can purchase essential oils in bulk on Amazon or through online wholesale sellers. A quick online search will also give you a bunch of fun oil blends that you can print out on suggestion cards. Pretty oil bottles and personalized stickers add a unique touch, and your guests can bring their blends home as favors. 



    Of course, women aren’t the only ones who love Coachella or really any outdoor concert festival for that matter, but women tend to be the ones that love the fashion and whimsy of them. Theme your next all-female event after the most fashionable festival of them all, Coachella. Boho glam is your go-to vibe for this event. Start with lots of flowers and earth tones and add touches of gold and pastel. Make a unique playlist with everything from Beyonce to Tame Impala. Ask guests to dress in their best desert hippie glam and offer up a henna tattoo station. Favors can be fun with a make your own bouquet table. The possibilities really are endless with this dreamy and playful theme. 



    For the super competitive and sporty females in your life, why not host a running event. If your event is in person you can set up a 5k race in your neighborhood and invite guests to walk or run the course together. Set up fun themed water stops and even make the finish line a big deal with personalized finish tape, loud music, and a party atmosphere. Fake race day t-shirts would make great party favors, and a post-race food and beer tent would create the perfect ending. If you’re going virtual you can ask guests to run a 5k in their own neighborhood in honor of the special lady and post-race day pics on social media using a themed hashtag. Host a virtual after-party on zoom where everyone can cheer to the guest of honor and their own accomplishments.


    What other party ideas do you have for women-focused events? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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    Author: Kate Kennedy