9 Great Winery Event Ideas

    A winery is a classic place to hold a wedding. If the vineyard is onsite, the cascading vines provide a picturesque backdrop for one of life’s biggest parties, and the tasting rooms with rich wood bars and tables are perfect for serving guests food and drink.

    While a wedding is certainly one life event that requires celebration, there are also plenty more that deserve commemoration. Here are nine alternative — but excellent — event ideas that wineries can market for their private events program.

    Holiday parties

    This one is easy. Wineries are already beautiful, but add some holiday decorations and twinkle lights and you’ve got an instant wine-fueled winter wonderland. Start ramping up promotion efforts around four months ahead of time so you’re top of mind when people begin brainstorming for the perfect venue. Guests can cozy up with their friends or colleagues and don their favorite sweater for a holiday party everyone will talk about for years to come.

    Company milestones

    Corporate events are a great way to bring in extra revenue. Consider creating social posts that ask things like: “Did you reach your yearly sales goal with months to spare? Did your profits double year over year? Celebrate these achievements at (your winery here) and reward your team for a job well done.” Who could pass that up?

    40th wedding anniversary

    While wineries are a great venue choice for anniversaries of any kind, the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary is a ruby. This makes it the perfect time to drink ruby-red wine with friends and loved ones. If potential bookers are looking for a fun tie-in to celebrate an anniversary at your winery sooner, year four is fruit (where wine comes from) and year 15 is crystal (out of which you can drink — you guessed it — delicious wine).

    30th birthday

    By 30, you are well into adulthood. Nothing says “grownup” like inviting a handful of friends to an elegant winery for a sophisticated birthday party. Wineries can even consider letting the guest customize a wine flight with their favorite house blends as a unique amenity that will make them feel extra-special.

    Bachelorette party

    Bridal crews love a good celebration, but many would prefer to avoid cheesy clubs or casinos. Take advantage of those groups who want to keep it classy and market your space as a stylish place to gather girlfriends for a wine tasting with a beautiful backdrop. No sashes or tiaras required.

    Business retreat

    Tons of companies carve out times during the year to get the whole company together. What better place to do this than somewhere beautiful? A little bit of wine could never hurt to help get the creative juices flowing either. Connect with your local chamber of commerce to make sure they know your winery is a place where business groups can have some fun with their team, enjoy the change of scenery and return to the office the following week refreshed and ready for hard work.

    High school reunion

    Whether you dread or look forward to your high school reunions, a winery is a great place to relax among old friends and frenemies alike. A sophisticated location like a winery is appropriate, plus attendees can impress former classmates with refined wine tasting skills. Facebook ads (where many reunions are planned and promoted) and reaching out to local schools can help get your space in the running for hosting events like this.

    College graduation

    Making the transition to the ever-looming real world can feel a little less painful when you celebrate graduating from college at a winery. Guests get to revel and pretend as they’ve already got it all figured out. Sweeten the deal by recommending the guest or guests of honor buy a bottle to keep from their graduation year so they can pop it open when they land that dream job down the road.

    Family reunion

    Events at wineries are often family-friendly and have outdoor space for kids to get some of that excess energy out. Whether your client’s style is laid-back picnics or fine dining, make sure you communicate that your winery can create an epic backdrop for those group photos.


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    Editor's Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog.


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    Author: Nicole Catatao