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25 Jul 2022 | By Heather Apse

A Non-Saturday Wedding: Why You Should Say Yes

Considering a non-Saturday wedding? We can help you decide if choosing an untraditional day of the week is right for you. Opting for outside the typical wedding day celebration is an upward trend as we see more and more couples planning weekday or Sunday weddings. We’ve put a list together of the top benefits of tying the knot on an alternate day of the week.


Why has a Saturday Wedding Become the Norm?


Wondering why Saturdays are the top day for weddings? As you might guess, Saturdays are most convenient for a majority of people who have weekends off of work. Also, by having your wedding on a Saturday, your guests get a built-in recovery day. 


But truly, Saturday weddings have become a tradition simply because couples have repeated this trend over and over. Today, our society is evolving, work schedules are more flexible, and everyone is prioritizing personal and social celebrations. It’s the perfect time for couples to shake up some wedding traditions.


Out with the Old, In with the New


If you think about it, there are a lot of wedding traditions that still exist today that are, well, extremely outdated. Think about the long-time tradition of the bride’s family paying for the wedding or tossing a bouquet and garter to determine the next to be married. The list of these outdated traditions goes on and on. While there is romance and sentiment within a tradition, we don’t see a connection with the Saturday tradition. Rather, selecting a day of the week for your wedding is purely a matter of personal choice.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Day


We’ve put a list below of factors to consider when determining the day you will marry:


  • Ask your family and potential guests about their schedules for work, travel, military, surgery, or any other big life event.
  • Check with your top venues and their availability.
  • Ask the place you’ll hold your ceremony, such as a church, and the wedding officiant about availability.
  • Consider the scope and logistics of your wedding celebration and how that might play into the day of the week you’ll hold your wedding. (single day, multi-day, destination, travel requirements, etc.)
  • Compare costs of venue and vendors for a Saturday versus a non-Saturday wedding.
  • Give your guests plenty of advance notice, so they can plan to take a day off from work or find child care as needed.

Why You Should Say Yes to Non-Saturday Weddings


Top Advantages for Weekday and Sunday Weddings


1. Access to Preferred Venues and Vendors.


Like many couples right now, your top venue options may be overbooked as there is such high demand from couples trying to tie the knot right now. Because your venue is such a large component of your day, you might want to ask your venue if a weekday or Sunday wedding would be available. 


Not sure what venue will offer the perfect vibe, check out  EventUp. Search by location and use advanced filters to find wedding venues and view their availability by day of the week.

2. Off-Days are Less Expensive


Perhaps you are looking for ways to avoid excessive wedding costs, and you are considering a day of the week other than Saturday. Venues, vendors, and travel can all cost less. 


3. Potential for Upgrades and Add-ons


By choosing a non-Saturday for your wedding, you may be able to get additional perks and services.  Venues may upgrade you to a better space. Vendors may provide a discounted rate. Your minimum for food and beverage may be less. 

  1. Memorable or Sentimental Date


Maybe you want to choose an easy or memorable date like 2/3/23. Or, perhaps you’d like to be sentimental and select the anniversary of your first date.


5. Accommodate the Reception of your Dreams


Some couples want to create a multi-day celebration or a destination wedding. Therefore, the day of the week might not matter. 


6. Unique and Memorable


Surely if you choose a date that is either a weekday or a Sunday, you are setting the scene to be one of a kind and memorable. 


Are you ready to plan your non-Saturday wedding?

While there are many reasons to forgo the traditional Saturday wedding, we are here to encourage you to take a new perspective on your big day. Selecting your wedding date is one of many decisions you’ll make in planning your big day. EventUp, the leading venue directory with more than 15,000 restaurants, hotels, and unique venues, makes finding your perfect wedding venue easy.  Start your venue search today!


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