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27 Jun 2013 | By wpressadmin

Baby Shower Party Ideas: Food, Games, Favors and More!

Throwing a baby shower can be stressful, but overall it is one of the most exciting events to plan and can be a blast for both guests and the mother-to-be! With the new DIY culture becoming more and more popular, there are a multitude of treats, games, and gifts that you can use at your next baby shower that are easy to produce. We've listed some of our favorite baby shower party ideas below for your consideration.


Baby showers are a perfect opportunity for creatively decorated foods. Creating anything baby-like from food dishes has been increasingly popular, which is why the Deviled Eggs Baby Carriage treats are quite a hit at baby showers. Deviled eggs are already a popular party snack and it only takes a few extra steps to make each of them look like a baby carriage. You also have the option of using regular boiled eggs opposed to deviled eggs as well. The recipe for these are extremely easy and a huge crowd-pleaser.

Another food option that plays off the concept of a newborn baby is Babies in a Blanket. These are extremely easy, all need to do is add faces on pigs in a blanket using an edible marker. Just like that, your pigs in a blanket have been transformed into babies in a blanket and are a festive fit for your baby shower!


If you're an attendee, there are many creative gifts that you can give at your next baby shower. For example, a different and perhaps more meaningful alternative to a card is a book for the youngster to read when he or she grows up. Whether it be a Dr. Seuss book for the child's elementary years or a coming of age novel for high school, the sentimental value of the book will stay with your family or friend's child for much longer than a card. Another way to add a personal touch to your gift (and an eco-friendly one!) is to wrap your gift in a baby blanket instead of wrapping paper. You can even stitch the child's name or initials in the corner of the blanket, again giving it a personal touch and memento for years to come.

Party Favors

Party favors are a nice parting gift for your baby shower guests, especially for those who may have driven far lengths to arrive at your baby shower venue. It is always a good idea to give your guests a practical party favor, usually containing a food item, so the small gifts won't end up in a junk closet a few months later. These baby bottle party favors filled with baking ingredients are the perfect way for your guests to remember your special affair, while at the same time getting a tasty treat (that is, when they choose to bake them). By just adding eggs and milk, your guests will be able to make delectable treats while they reminisce about all the fun that was had at your baby shower!


A baby shower would definitely not be complete without games. There are many games to choose from, some of which are standard for baby showers and others that are more creative. Some new and exciting baby shower games are:

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo is a fun yet simple game that is pretty straightforward. The game is normally played while the mother-to-be is opening up presents. Based on what presents she gets, players will cross off items in their list until they reach Bingo. Just make sure you have a fun, baby-themed prize for the winner!

Who is that Baby?

Who is that baby is a great interactive game where everyone gets to participate. Every guest will bring a baby photo to the event venue and the host will switch the photos around and pass them out again. Each guest has to guess whose photo they are holding.

Baby Face

Baby Face is one of the more creative games. Each guest will get a headshot of the soon-to-be parents and using the various facial features, such as eyes, lips, ears, and nose, and guests will create what they think the baby will look like. The result is often extremely entertaining!

Have you been to a baby shower recently? Did you come across any excellent dishes? Baby shower games? or even gifts? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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