Boost Your Social Media Presence

    In today’s climate, the best way to popularize your venue or event is to build on its reputation on social media. A simply way to accomplish this is to create a space that is “Instagram Ready”, with the help of these simple steps.


    Food and Drinks:

    People love to take a picture of a well-crafted meal or cocktail. Paying attention to the detail on this can make a huge difference – for instance bringing in a professional to make cocktails for the event, which come in exciting containers with special effects. A rainbow cocktail with a sparkler is crying out to be shared on social media, and will give your event a glamorous image.

    The Little Touches:

    This can range from a personal detail for a guest on their invite, to a well-chosen quote on a place setting, or even on a sign that is placed somewhere slightly unexpected. It’s always great to discover something that somebody has put an extra bit of thought into, especially if it’s a detail that could easily have been overlooked.

    The Space:

    This, of course, is one of the most important aspects of boosting your social media presence. If the space your event is held in has corners that have been arranged beautifully, or an excellent view over the city or the party itself, your guests will want to document this.

    The Bathrooms:

    Your guests will only want to share images of the event if they are sure that both their surroundings, and themselves, are at their best. Ensure that the bathrooms have enough space with mirrors included, and perhaps provide some simple toiletries for your guests to freshen up with, such as deodorants, hand lotions, hair gels and simple hair accessories.

    The most important part of this is to make your guests feel looked after and thought of, as the extra effort you put into the little details will greatly increase their enjoyment of the event, and the likelihood that they will Instagram, Tweet or Facebook some part of your event.