Birthday Theme Parties: 80s

    Planning an 80s themed birthday party? Theme parties are fun to plan and always put partygoers in the mood, especially when it's an 80s theme. Here are some great ideas to incorporate for your next 80s party.


    Make your invitation BRIGHT just like the 80s! If you’re choosing a particular sub-theme, such as Miami Vice, then you’ll want to design the invitation accordingly. While the design is important to get people pumped up for the party, you’ll also want to make sure all the important and necessary information is included such as the location of the event venue and the party date and time.

    Food and Drink

    Your guests are going to expect traditional 80s food and drinks so be prepared! Research cake companies in your area and have them decorate an 80s theme cake for you. Here are some ideas for main food dishes:

    • Oscar Mayer hot dogs
    • Hamburger Helper Taco Bake Dinner
    • Tricolor pasta salad

    For snacks and drinks, try these classic 80s items:

    • TAB cola
    • Jawbreakers
    • Doritos Cool Ranch
    • Orange Julius
    • California Raisins
    • Fruit Gushers
    • Capri Sun

    Remember these alcoholic beverages from the 80s? Your party guests are sure to love them:

    • Electric Lemonade
    • Sangria
    • Cranberry-Apple Spritzer
    • Malibu Bay Breeze


    First you will want to know the layout of your event space so you can purchase your decorations accordingly. Once you are ready to start shopping, check out thrift shops and party supply stores for your decorations. Generally anything with Rubix cubes and cassette tapes will do the trick. Also, you can cover the walls with music and movie posters from the era. Check out eBay for these items. Alternatively, try stopping by your local craft store and purchase a large yellow foam board and other colors. From there you can cut out a large Pac-Man scene and hang it on the wall!


    If you don’t feel like hiring a DJ or putting together long playlists, you can use one of the many music websites out there to play 80s era music all night long, such as Pandora or Spotify. To get your party goers pumped, why not let them choose their favorite 80s songs as well? If you want to go above and beyond, you could rent a jukebox with all 80s artists in it for the event as well.

    Goody Bags

    It wouldn't be an 80s party without goody bags full of treats! Fill them with Pop Rocks, leg warmers, jelly bracelets, wax lips, jawbreakers, and banana clips. Other ideas include bangles, headbands, whistle pops, and slap bracelets. Any type of toy or trinket with Pac-Man or Rubix Cubes incorporated into it works great as well.

    What other ideas do you have for hosting an 80s theme birthday party? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.