Concert Planning: Checklist #2

    After months of concert planning, it's finally the day of the show! Concert planning is a large undertaking, but with the proper checklist, you can navigate the event with ease and structure, ensuring all your concert goers will enjoy the show. Here is another checklist to help you execute your concert without any glitches.

    Set a Strict Call Time

    It's important your staff shows up with ample time to set up before the show starts. You never want to make a call time minutes before or right when you need your staff. Add some leeway in between their arrival and when the show starts in case people are running late or anything goes wrong. Give the band a strict call time as well, since they need to go through sound check and rehearsal, which can often take longer than expected.

    Sound Check and Rehearsal

    When throwing a small concert, sound is the number one priority. Making sure you plan a sound check with plenty of time before the concert is one of the most important things to do in the concert planning process. The band might also want to rehearse a bit, and speakers may want to rehearse as well if your concert is a benefit or fundraiser. Rehearse the actual concert, the transitions between bands, and any speeches or introductions, since you will want the smoothest transitions possible. This will make your small concert, regardless of where it is or how big the band is, seem very professional.

    Coordinate Breaks for Staff

    Working concerts can be very exhausting and just like all workers, your staff will need scheduled breaks. Schedule these out to ensure everyone takes their break at a different time so you won't be short-staffed at any point throughout the show. You also want your staff to be well-fed and energized in order for them to be on top of their tasks, so be sure they are taken care of in terms of food and refreshments.

    Have Walkie Talkies or Headset

    Walkie Talkies are very helpful in concert situations, especially when you have to give direction to multiple people in multiple locations, which can be difficult at a large event venue. Walkie Talkies, or Walkies as they are referred to, are a better alternative to phones in concert planning situations since you can give a direction that needs to happen immediately and don't need to worry about cell phone service. Having a Walkie throughout the entirety of a concert is also important so other people behind the scenes will know what others are up to or if they need help with an emergency immediately.

    Appoint a Production Assistant

    When planning a concert, there will be a lot of logistics on the day of the show. Have a production assistant around for anything that may need to be quickly taken care of, be it production needs or taking care of the band. The production assistant will be there solely if anything goes wrong or if a position needs to be filled at a moments notice. They basically act as the eyes and ears to the concert planner and can be quick on their toes.

    Have Someone Record the Concert

    After putting months and hours of your time into concert planning, you will definitely want something to look back on and to share with others. Whether you hire someone to professionally record the concert and take pictures, or you just have someone within your staff take pictures from time to time, find a way to document the concert, or even record it if you have the means. If you are planning on sharing your small concert on social media, having quality footage is key, so consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer.

    Take Advantage of Social Media

    Social media will help you expand your concert to the masses. Having your guests Tweet and Instagram photos of the concert will help your small concert gain some traction. This is ideal if you want maximum exposure for your concert, especially if your event benefits a non-profit or charity or if you are interested in an event planning career.

    What's your experience with concert planning? Did we miss anything in the checklist? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.