Create the Perfect Corporate Event Invite

    Your event is falling into place, you have found your venue using EventUp, you have your date, and now it’s time to send your invitations and start getting some RSVPs. While it’s easy to just send an email with all of your event details, creating a more formal invite that is in line with the vision of the event and ties into the theme is a more professional touch. Invites can also help you stay more organized by the formality of tracking your RSVPs. To make sure your event is off to a successful start, here are some tips on how to make an invitation that no guest will deny!


    Keep it Simple

    When it comes to your invitations, you want to make sure you keep it simple. It’s important that the event details are easily legible and straight to the point. Make sure you are choosing a font that is easy to read, a design that isn’t overwhelming, and include all pertinent information for the event such as date, location, time, dress code, and any other important details -- and definitely make sure you don’t forget the RSVP information!


    Think Outside The Box

    While simple is important, some events call for a creative approach to the event invite. Thinking of a nontraditional way to engage and excite your guests before the event can be challenging, but can be easily done with your event invite. You can get some invite inspiration here. The event invite is just a teaser to what your guests can expect at your event!



    Making an awesome invitation doesn’t have to come with a hefty price. Sites like Tiny Prints offer easy templates to create your invitation masterpiece. Best part? You get high-quality invitations for a much cheaper price. Or, if you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, do your event invites electronically!  Paperless Post lets you create events from some templates for free, or for a small price you can customize your own. Check out 5 Invitation Websites That are Cost-Effective and Easy to Use!


    Keep the Brand in Mind

    Make sure that your company is represented at the core of your invite. This isn’t just limited to brand, think about your company culture as well. If a big part of your company is tied to reducing waste, make sure your invites are on recycled paper or even seed paper that can be planted instead of thrown away. If your company likes to support small businesses, find a local print shop that can help produce your event invites for you. Or, if the community is an important part of your culture, find a local artist whose art you can use and showcase on your event invite. Making sure your invite represents who your company is, and what’s important to your company will make your guests feel like they are a part of something much bigger. 


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    Author: Rachel Mazzola