Corporate Holiday Party Invitation Ideas

    Winter is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year – not to mention the perfect time to get your company together and celebrate the holidays! In order to successfully plan any type of party, you have to create a build-up and make it an event that everyone is looking forward to. The best way to do this is to send out an invitation that creates anticipation and excitement among all of your potential guests. There are tons of different types of invitations that you can send out to your co-workers, but you have to be mindful of your work environment, as well as the environment of your party. We came up with a few corporate holiday party invitation ideas to help you start planning the holiday party of the year!

    Online Invitations. Evite is a popular and eco-friendly online invitation system that can be especially helpful if you work at a large company. Most employees at corporate companies frequently work on their computers, so they’ll definitely see the invitation: you won’t have to worry about sending something in the mail. You can decorate your evites however you want for the holidays, send them out by e-mail, and keep track of your guest list online. Include holiday photos and cute sayings so that you can get your co-workers in the spirit for your holiday party.

    Make it Personal. It always feels nice to get a letter in the mail, or to notice that someone is thinking about you – and for some reason, it feels even nicer in the wintertime.  A great way to make your guests feel special during the holiday season is by sending them a personal invitation. Writing out personal invitations to each of your co-workers can be time consuming, so this is a good idea for smaller companies. You can use colored ink pens to write out your invitations, and decorate them however you want with a personal message for each of your co-workers.

    Send a gift.  Another great way to make your guests feel special during the holiday season is by sending them a mini gift with your event details. Send a small box of cookies or chocolates, and attach a note with all of the information for your holiday party – date, time, event location, attire, etc. They will notice your thoughtfulness before they even come to your event, and it will also help satisfy their sweet tooth.

    Things to remember:

    All of your co-workers around the office might not celebrate the same holidays. Rather than calling your party a “Christmas Party,” make sure that you refer to it as a “Holiday Party.” Keep others in mind, and don’t assume anything about anyone unless you are sure it’s fact!

    Don’t give your co-workers the wrong idea about your party. You want your invitation to make everything clear, so that no one is confused and you aren’t bombarded with questions. Make sure to include in your invitation if they should bring a gift for a company-wide gift exchange, and note what the dress code for your party is! You don’t want anyone showing up in an evening gown if you’re looking for tacky holiday sweaters and Santa suits!

    It’s important to keep your party environment as well as your office environment in mind when you are designing your corporate holiday party invitations. Make sure that you include every last bit of information about your party so that there is no confusion! In the spirit of the holidays, show your guests that you’re thinking about them by creating personal and/or thoughtful invitations that spark their excitement, but don’t stress too much: ‘tis the season to be jolly!

    What other ways have you sent out invitations for your Corporate Holiday Party? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter.