DIY Bachelorette Gift Bags

    For most brides, it’s impossible to say that she went unnoticed in the days before her wedding. There are luncheons, fittings, showers, and parties, all centered on her and her upcoming wedded bliss. But your bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to share the spotlight, and do something special for your bridesmaids. These are the girls that got you through your single days – you ought to give them a little love, too! With these DIY gift bags, you can make your elegant brunch in a beautiful mansion or your wild night in a killer nightclub a celebration of every lady in attendance!

    Souvenir Glasses and Personalized Wines: Personalized DIY glasses make great party gifts, or even a fun activity for you to do with your bridesmaids and friends. All you need is crafting paints and wine glasses or champagne flutes (unless you want to get creative with stickers or stencils). And once you’ve dressed up your drink, no girls will get their glasses mixed up! Pair your girls’ glasses with a wine bottle stamped with a custom label and you’ll have a lovable keepsake your guests are sure to enjoy.

    Cute Customized Cookies: Baked goods have been a sweet sign of affection for ages. So why not show your best girlfriends how much you care? Make some little cookies that coincide with your theme, be that specific to your party or more general to weddings. The right cookie cutters and a steady hand with the icing can make your gift bags into a handmade treat that any bridesmaid or friend will enjoy, not to mention a delicious snack for the ride home from the club!

    Simple Spa Treatments: What girl doesn’t love a good spa treatment? A homemade scrub or facemask is sure to make a fun, simple gift – or even a fun activity after sleeping off the night’s partying! There are recipes all over the Internet for various beauty regimens, so find one that seems the most fun (or sweetest smelling) and hand them out to your girlfriends. And don’t forget to give them the recipe, so they can remake it at home if they wish!

    Designer Trinkets: When you’re Bacheloretting on a budget, this may not be your first choice gift. But if you’ve got the cash and your girls are a classy crew, opt for small gifts from some big names. This Marc Jacobs Pen disguised as lipstick will only cost you $3.50 each, and they are a fun, fancy way to remember your last free weekend. Other gift options are charms or keychains, which usually won’t break the bank despite the designer label.

    What sort of gifts have you given your bachelorette partiers? Any other ideas we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below, or hop over to Facebook or Twitter with an idea or story of your own!