DIY Bachelorette Gift Bags

    Most brides are busy stressing about the details of their wedding. Booking their hair and makeup, finding the perfect band or DJ, finding the perfect location for your pre-wedding events, the list goes on. It’s no secret that all the events leading up to (and including) the big day are all about the bride (and groom), but the bachelorette party is the brides chance to give a little back to the girls who’ll be standing by her side, and of course, helping her plan every step of the way. 

    Gift ideas for your bachelorette party gift bags.

    Once you’ve figured out your destination, whether it’s a beautiful vineyard or table service at a nightclub, it’s time to pick out the perfect gifts for your bachelorette party gift bags! See below for some creative ideas. 


    • Custom Tumblers 

    One thing you’ll for sure be doing at your bachelorette party is sharing some drinks with your best gals. One of the most popular gifts for the crew has been customizable tumblers or koozies! This simple, yet impactful gift will certainly come in handy in more ways than one. You won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your drink, AND it’ll stay fresh for you while you dance the night away! 


    • “To have & to hold” your hair back

    Hair ties are yet another creative and cute add-on (and most of the time inexpensive) for your bachelorette gift bags. Etsy has some really cute variations and different types of hair ties that will make it easy to fit with your theme. Whether it’s “to have & to hold your hair back” or “beach hair, don’t care”, your gals will be grateful for the extra support while they’re partying the day/night away! 


    • Oh Sh*t Kit

    I don’t know about you, but any bachelorette party I’ve been to has left me with some crazy morning-after hangovers. We don’t want that for your best girls, do we? Be prepared with a Hangover Kit and fill it up with the essentials from the dollar store: Water Bottle, Advil, Chapstick, Liquid IV pack, etc. They’ll certainly appreciate your preparation! 


    Beach Party Drinks


    • Bride Tribe Shirts

    Now, this is a fun one! There has to be one night that the girls all coordinate, whether it’s with wigs and costumes or bride tribe t-shirts or tanks, depending on your weekend plans, there are tons of fun t-shirts with sayings that you can pack into your gift bag for the girls! Etsy gets creative whether you’re heading to Nashville, heading somewhere on the water, or going wild in Vegas - they’ll have you covered. 


    • Monogrammed Item

    It’s always nice to pack that gift bag with items needed to make the night/weekend extra special. But what’s even better is adding a little gift that your girls can take home with them that will be useful for years to come. Whether it’s a compact mirror, personalized makeup bag, or special piece of personalized jewelry, they’ll certainly love the gesture! Etsy has a ton of special ideas that you can choose from to show your girls that you love and appreciate them!

    Whether you’re the bride putting together gifts or the maid of honor taking the lead on gift bags, these ideas above are some of the top and most popular gift ideas around right now. So order up some custom gift bags, and get to choose your favorite gift items to fill it up! Etsy has some really creative gift ideas for bachelorette parties, and the best part is that you’re most likely supporting a small business too, it’s a win-win! 


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    What sort of gifts have you given your bachelorette guests? Any other ideas we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below, or hop over to Facebook or Twitter with an idea or story of your own!

    Author: Jenna Gabriel