DIY Super Bowl Sunday Decorations

    With the Super Bowl just around the corner, there is a ton of work to do in preparation for the perfect get-together. Aside from tasty treats, decorations can make your party more memorable. Even though you may not be at a fancy venue, you can make it appear that way with these easy decorations. Here are our favorite DIY Super Bowl Sunday decorations:

    Pennant Banners

     If  you want to have a banner of pennants that spell out something or pennants merely for decoration,  these are a must. They can be easily made from felt, which has a grass-like look. You can use white tape for the lines and  white felt the numbers or letters. Be careful when attaching the pennant to the string or else you may have pennants falling off mid-halftime show.

    Football Coasters and Field Tablecloth

    Football coasters are super easy party venue decorations and always a fan favorite. All you need are brown and white felt and corkboards. First, make a template of the football and use that template to cut the corkboard. Next, cut the brown felt using the template and glue strips of white felt to make the stitching on the football. Glue the felt football to the cut corkboard. Repeat as necessary. Since felt doesn't get damaged with water, these football coasters can be enjoyed for future Super Bowl parties!

    The tablecloth is a great decoration because it can be made from any material and is simple to construct. Either using construction paper, felt, or grass carpet, you can make your tablecloth and just like the pennants, you can use white tape to make the lines. This DIY craft can be as detailed as you want and it definitely spruces up any table!

    Drink Tags 

    If you are going to have a lot of attendees, people are guaranteed to mix up their drinks. You can easily make tags for cups or bottles and attach them with a string or glue. If you want to make a generic football tag, such as the one above, or make it tailored to your team, merely design or find a template, make copies, and cut them out. Just be sure to leave space for people to write their names!

     Football Drink and Snack Sleeves

    Again, this is where felt will come in handy. If you have anything that comes in a box or tube, such as candy, juice boxes, or beer bottles, you can make these football covers using just brown and white felt and glue. With very little effort, you will have football decorations everywhere.

    Field Goals, Foam Fingers, Jerseys, and More

    If you still want more decorations, you can always print out templates or pictures of jerseys, foam fingers, and more and glue them to cardboard. You can put them in any location that needs a little  more football lovin' or use them to decorate desserts! After all, there can never be too many football decorations, right?

    What are some of your favorite DIY Super Bowl decorations? Is there anything we missed? Post a comment below or head over to our  Facebook or Twitter to tell us about your Super Bowl decoration experiences!