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16 Mar 2023 | By Nicole Catatao

Instantly Book With Your Favorite Venue on EventUp

While browsing venues on EventUp by Tripleseat, you may have noticed that some venues now have a ‘Book Now’ button in addition to the standard ‘Quote Request’ button on their listings. 

What is the ‘Book Now’ feature on EventUp?

Tripleseat+ Direct is a newer feature of Tripleseat, the leading web-based sales and event management platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues, that facilitates contact-free event planning.


Tripleseat+ Direct offers restaurants, hotels, and unique venues the ability for their customers to complete the entire event or catering booking process, from choosing the perfect space or room to selecting their menu to make payments in just a few clicks. DirectBook streamlines the booking and planning process for the customer and the venue.


Tripleseat seamlessly integrates with EventUp making it easier for you to book catering or an event directly with the venue utilizing the Book Now button. For the venue, your Book Now request syncs over to their Tripleseat account in order for the venue to quickly fulfill your request.

What is the difference between a Quote Request and Book Now?


Quote Request = is an event inquiry that you submit to the venue to review


Book Now = is a complete booking event or catering request that you submit to the venue to accept


If you are planning a larger party such as a wedding, corporate function, or holiday party, you may want to consider submitting Quote Requests to a few different venues in order to schedule walk-throughs of the spaces, finalize timing and meal selections, as well as to confirm which dates they have available. The Quote Request option is for those planners who are still in the venue consideration phase and trying to finalize what they want their final event to be.


The Book Now option is perfect for straightforward events, and as the planner, you know exactly what you need to book and the quantities. It’s perfect for those smaller corporate dinners at a restaurant, a birthday party with a set menu, or even large catering orders for those events at the office or home where all you need is a lot of good food. 


The Book Now listing option allows for flexibility in the event types that you can automatically book with a venue. On the backend, the venue will only set up options and dates that they can fulfill and accommodate. So Book Now offers you complete confidence that you are getting exactly what you have booked. 


What are the Book Now order form options?


Let’s walk through the Book Now order form, so you can see all of the possible ordering options to spark some event planning ideas. 


On the Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall listing, you can see the Book Now button in blue at the top of the standard Quote Request form. 

Harpoon Brewery Book Now

After clicking the Book Now button, you are brought to the DirectBook order form that each venue has set up. Here you can select the type of event that you want to book:


  • On-Premise Event
  • Full-Service Catering
  • Pick-Up Catering
  • Drop-Off Catering

Book Now with EventUp venues

Once you make your selection on the type of event you are planning, you can then specify the date of the event, any private rooms you want to book, the number of guests that will be in attendance, your contact information, as well as any special instructions for the day. 

Book Now with EventUp venues


Book Now with EventUp venues


After filling in the event details, you can then browse through the fun stuff - the menu options. The menu selections, options, and pricing will be completely customized for each venue based on what they can prepare and offer. 

In this window, you can also add on any A/V equipment necessary or any other offerings each venue provides for an additional cost or service. 

What I love about this section of the form is that based on your menu selections and quantities, you can see the cost breakdown for your event, which makes it easy to select the menu options everyone will enjoy while also easily being able to tell if you are staying within your overall event budget. 

Book Now with EventUp venues

With your menu options and quantities set, you add in your payment options on the next page and submit your booking request to the venue. The venue will then confirm your booked event with you within 24 hours. 


And that’s all you have to do to book an entire event using the Book Now button on EventUp listings that have the Tripleseat+ Direct enabled within their Tripleseat account. 


Happy Planning!

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Are you a venue that is interested in adding your Tripleseat+ Direct form to your EventUp listing? The process is simple and straightforward. The Tripleseat+ Direct and EventUp integration was built to bring your venue more business and make you more money. Check out the blog post How To Add Tripleseat+ Direct To Your EventUp Listing!


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