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6 Oct 2022 | By EventUp Contributor

Fore! Swing on over to Five Iron Golf - Lessons, Fun, and Events.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sam Valle, the Vice President of Business Development from Five Iron Golf. Five Iron currently has fourteen locations operating in eight cities across the country. 


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What is the best part of your job?

Helping people discover (or rediscover!) the incredible game of golf in a refreshingly casual way. Five Iron is special in that it offers all these different ways to golf that never existed.


I love seeing event guests who come in thinking golf isn't for them - literally saying, "I'm not a golfer" - and then next week I catch them at 8 am taking a lesson or competing on one of our league teams.



Tell me more about your venue - the story behind it, the menu, the location.

Five Iron Golf started in NYC in 2017 with a mission of bringing golf to the urban jungle in a casual and accessible way without compromising on quality. Top of the line simulators, clubs, and instructors was every bit as important to us as the premium food and beverage we serve, the eclectic music coming out of our speakers, and the bold street art on our walls.


Golf has come to be seen as a difficult game to get into - cost, distance, and outdated etiquette are just a few of the reasons many people, especially in cities, stay away. But once you strip that way, you see that just about anyone can get something from it - it's fun, it's social, and it can be incredibly rewarding. The opportunity to bond and create memories over golf - be it with friends, family, colleagues, or clients - is second to none. With Five Iron, more people than ever can tap into that. Big screen TVs, high-end sound systems, modern lounge areas, and a customer obsessed staff don't hurt either.



What types of events are commonly held at your venue?

Everything from birthday parties and bar mitzvahs to sales retreats, fundraisers, and corporate holiday parties. Sometimes golf is front and center, like with corporate golf outings and tournaments. Other times, it's in the backdrop for a food, beverage, networking focused crowd.


Whatever the case may be, our space is flexible, and we pride ourselves on getting creative with our clients to make it feel like their own.



What makes your venue special or unique?

Five Iron operates 14 locations across 8 of the biggest and most dynamic cities in the country. Our venues are unique in not only their layouts but their aesthetic - always taking cues from the communities they serve. For example, we partner with and feature local artists in each of our spaces and give them the creative freedom to express what urban golf means to them.


For the more discerning golfers, we use the very best simulator technology and golf clubs on the market. Our food and beverage is a fusion of on course classics, local favorites, and upscale bar fare. The simulators also double as incredible A/V opportunities for our clients with branding and presentation needs.


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How long have you been using EventUp & How has EventUp improved your job and events at your venue?

Tripleseat has been with us every step of the way in building Five Iron. Just navigating the platform and working with their customer service teams has informed a lot of our processes and practices.


EventUp is a relatively new channel for us, and we're confident it will be a strong addition to our marketing and discovery strategy.



What are the benefits of marketing your venue with a venue directory?

Streamlined process. From leads getting to the right people in our organization to built in attribution - it's a massive advantage not having to manage an entirely separate consumer journey with the Tripleseat and EventUp integration.



What would you say to someone considering EventUp to help them connect with new leads and grow their events business?

It makes sense to give your venue the best chance of getting in front of a consumer in the selection process. EventUp doesn't try to do everything, so the audience has a hyper specific action in mind and it happens to be the most important one in our business. Above and beyond listing, EventUp's add and sponsored products are simple, straightforward, and effective.

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