Fun Ways to Help Your Guests Get to Know Each Other

    No matter how great your party venue, menu, or decorations, mingling guests are the one sure sign of a great party. Be a good host and ensure that your guests get to know each other with these great ice breakers!

    Human Bingo: Create a list of 25 characteristics unique to your guests ("plays the bongos"," lived in Japan for two years", etc.). Fill Bingo cards with these traits and pass them out to your guests upon their arrival. For the first 30 minutes, your guests will mingle and try to find the individuals that correlate to the unique characteristics. The first guest to complete a row and shout "Bingo!" wins the game. Tip: If you don't know your guests very well, use generic traits like "Owns a cat" or "Loves chocolate".

    Trivial Pursuit On-The-Go: Place Trivial Pursuit cards around the event venue along with notes instructing people to pick them up. The various cards will force your guests to move around the party, mingle and start conversations.

    Two Truths and a Lie: This game is pretty standard and self-explanatory, so it'll be easy for your guests to catch on.  Have everyone stand in a circle and take turns stating three facts about themselves, one of which is false (but somewhat believable).  Then, everyone in the group will discuss and decide which of the three facts is a lie.

    Jenga: Create a list of random questions like, "If you could be any animal, what would it be?", print out the list, and cut the questions out individually. Tape the slips of paper to individual Jenga pieces and build the tower. The strange questions will give guests something to laugh about and definitely start conversations. Tip: If you have too many guests for a game, place the strips in a bowl and have guests select a question as they arrive.

    Puzzle Pieces: Before your party, assemble a puzzle. Select pairs of pieces from the puzzle (leaving the rest assembled) and place the selected pieces in a bowl individually. As guests arrive, have them select a puzzle piece and find the guest with the correlating piece so they can place them back into the puzzle. When the puzzle is solved, the game is finished.

    Remember that no one likes to feel left out or awkward at a party, so there is no harm in starting a few ice breakers. They are an easy way to provide entertainment and help your guests get to know each other. If you know of any fun ways to get guests mingling, let us know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook and Twitter!