Grease is the Word: How to Host a Grease Themed Party

    “Tell me about it, Stud.” Sandy, Danny, and the rest of the Grease gang have become iconic characters ever since the movie was released back in 1978. The classic film is loved by millions of people across all generations, making it a popular choice for a theme party. Check out our tips and tricks on how to host a fabulous Grease-themed party!

    Grease Themed Party Invitations

    Create a Grease party invitation to send to your guests. Include a photo of Danny and Sandy with a picture of the Grease car or the Grease logo on the front of the invitation. On the back, you could have a black background and highlight all the important bits of information in bright colors like neon blue, orange, and purple. Include the date of the party, the location, and also let your guests know if there will be a best-dressed contest, free cocktails, and any other important details.

    Grease Themed Party Decorations

    When it comes to Grease-themed decorations, you can’t go wrong with a vintage, 50s vibe, just like the movie. Get pink and black balloons to tie up around your event space. Use black and white checkered tablecloths for your tables, and buy some pink and black plates, napkins, and cups to complete the grease party decorations for the table. Set up a jukebox in the corner of your event venue and create a dance floor for your guests so they can dance the night away just like the Greasers did on prom night! You could also set up a corner for taking photos and provide additional props for your guests to take some Grease-themed pictures.

    50s Themed Food

    Serve your food in old record bowls to bring home the 50s theme. Also, make sure you have a soda pop shop setup so that party guests can make their own milkshakes and soda creations. Serve a Grease theme cake if you’re hosting a birthday party or anniversary. You could do a tiered cake and decorate it like the pop shop the gang always spent time in, or you could put the Grease Lightning car on top of the cake. Better yet, make the entire cake the shape of the Grease Lightning car!

    Grease Party Attire

    Playing dress-up is one of the best parts of a Grease theme party. Everyone knows the classic wardrobes. From The Pink Ladies to the T-Birds and everything in between, the costume ideas are practically endless for this theme party. If you think some guests might get stuck deciding on a costume, include a list of ideas with pictures in your invitation. Make sure to snap photos of everyone as they are coming through the door and then put together a costume competition at the end of your party. Select the first, second, and third prize winners and give them something like a trophy or goody bag to take home with them.

    50’s Music

    If you’re able to track down a real jukebox for your event, make sure you load it up with the Grease soundtrack and other 50s tunes. Otherwise, you could hire a DJ to entertain your guests all night long, or alternatively, you could simply load up your Pandora or Spotify with 50s songs and oldies. As a final option, you could hire a band to really spice up the night, playing songs from the movie!

    Memorable Gift Bags

    Give your guests a parting gift at the end of your soirée as a thank you for coming. You could include the Grease soundtrack as a take-home gift, as well as candy and any photos they took during the event. Find fun knick-knacks online such as Grease character bobble head dolls or the Grease lightning toy car to throw into the gift bags as well. It’s also a good idea to include a little note in the gift bag asking your party guests to share any photos they took at the party. You could create a shared photo album on Facebook so that everyone can add their photos and relive the night!

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    Author: The EventUp Team