Great Gatsby Fashion Trends

    With all the new buzz around the new Great Gatsby film, it is hard not to get caught up in the movie, the era, and of course the fashion trends. Carey Mulligan, who plays Daisy Buchanan, perfectly captures the essence of the era and her character is definitely a trendsetter when it comes to anything 1920's. This box office movie is sure to redefine and influence fashion, mixing in the flapper era with modern trends. Below is a list of just some of the fashion and decor trends we noticed from The Great Gatsby.

    Smokey Eye and Red Lipstick

    Bold eyes and lips were all the rage in this era and both have a timeless look that will never go out of style. Isla Fischer's character, Myrtle Wilson, is the prime example of this trend.

    The Bob

    Bobs are synonymous with the 1920's and have been here to stay in the fashion world since then. Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan showcases a graduated bob in this film, which is definitely a 1920's trend worth trying.

    The Headband

    One of the most iconic flapper looks is the headband. You will definitely see your fair share throughout The Great Gatsby and probably even more around the streets and runways.

    Pleats, Feathers, Fur, and Jewels

    Dresses, dresses, dresses! The Great Gatsby, along with the flapper era in general, was a big fan of dresses, especially anything with pleats, fur, and jewels, such as this dress warn by Carey Mulligan's Daisy.


    Let's be honest, diamonds will always be in style, regardless of what decade it is. However, the sort of diamond necklaces and detail they wore for the movie is very specific to the time period and is definitely making a comeback. Even Tiffany's has a line, titled Jazz Age Glamour, which is specifically modeled after The Great Gatsby fashion trends.

    Men's Clothing

    The Great Gatsby is even setting trends in men's fashion. Anything from white suits to skimmer hats, the movie has got it covered. Brooks Brothers also has a clothing line specifically dedicated to The Great Gatsby.

    Maze Print

    The designs in The Great Gatsby are very specific to the era with a slightly modern edge. Art deco is heavily used in this film and as a result, there has been a lot of maze prints on the movie posters. This can be an excellent print to use if you are planning a Great Gatsby party or event. Whether you decorate the event venue with this maze print or stick them on the invitations, your event will bring the movie to life.

    Black and Gold Decor

    Just from one glace at the movie trailer or poster, it is pretty clear what colors stand out: black and gold. Again, if you are planning a Great Gatsby themed party, it is a safe bet to stick with the black and gold color scheme for your event location.
    What are your favorite fashion trends from The Great Gatsby that you are dying to try out? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.