How to Organize a Corporate Golf Tournament

    The game of golf is a classic business-sporting event. Organizing a corporate tournament for your company can be exciting! The gathering allows colleagues to bond and people to network. However, planning a golf tournament can be overwhelming. It’s important to plan ahead, so you can book the perfect golf course and have a smooth event. We have created a few guidelines, so you can plan the event like a pro!

    Step #1: Establish Goals.

    What does your company want to gain from this event? Is the outing strictly fun, or will the outing benefit charitable causes? These are very important questions to answer when you first begin planning. In addition, estimate the number of people that will attend and decide if people other than company employees are allowed to join the event. Once you have summed up the general idea of how you envision the tournament, then you can begin planning.

    Step #2: Develop a project plan & Research.

    Construct a detailed plan of all tasks that need to be completed. The easiest way to do this is to create an outline with detailed lists of needs. Outline a timeline of the events for the tournament and event roles that will need to be filled. Placing every detail on paper will allow you to see the to do list and if you are forgetting anything. Some important headings for your outline include: tournament stations, prizes, registration, location, etc.

    Then, begin researching the ultimate location. Consider the distance of the course, what the course can provide, and the clubhouse. The skill level of the golfers playing and the number of players will determine what course you will be using.

    Step #3: Assemble Committee’s or Roles.

    The event will be a lot easier to plan if you establish a strong leadership team! Try to incorporate people on your team that have golf experience to guide you through key decisions. Consider assigning people to the following committees and/or roles listed below.

    • Welcome Committee: Welcome the attendees and help answer their questions. Help with setup of registration table, refreshments, distribute raffle tickets, etc. Helps with cleanup.
    • Registration Committee: creates the invitations, registration forms, RSVPs, etc. Maintains the organization and is in control of the registration on the day of the event.
    •  Judging Panel: In charge of keeping order of the course, deciding guidelines, monitoring the course throughout the day.
    • Prize Committee: Responsible for getting together all prizes, assembling goody bags, and purchasing all of the prizes. Also, organizes any raffles or
    • Golf Course Committee: Responsible for any needs of the golfers on the course. They will decide the format for the tournament, how the golfers will be grouped, on course refreshments, etc.
    • Day of Event Operations: Responsible for “day of event” flow. Organizes any entertainment, refreshments, signage, cart rentals, event pictures, etc.

    Step #4: Budget.

    Create an honest budget and stick to it! Try and devote the majority of your budget to the golf course rental and prizes. When thinking about the total cost include the cost per golfer, cost for food and beverages, and any additional service charges.  Charging a registration fee for the event is not uncommon and will help you with your budget. It is a good idea to keep a registration fee in mind when searching for a Golf Course location since prices may vary between different courses.

    Step #5: Planning with the Golf Course.

    Selecting the actual course is crucial for a great event. Make sure to form a strong partnership with the golf course and fully analyze details with the staff. Before you sign the courses contract make sure to think about some of these details:

    • Date: Off-season or mid-week may be cheaper.
    • Guarantees
    • Cancelation Terms
    • Included services: refreshments, scorecards, golf balls, golf carts, and cleanup services.
    • Gratuities

    Remember --
    “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” - Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Have you ever been to an organized corporate golf tournament? Let us know how it went, what worked and what didn't by leaving a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter!