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24 Jan 2022 | By Rachel Mazzola

How To Pick The Perfect Corporate Venue

Have you been tasked with finding the perfect location for your company’s next corporate event? To keep it simple, we’ve boiled it down to four main areas to consider if you have no idea where to start. You’ll need to know the basics of how many people you are expecting, and what an outline of the schedule of events looks like - but once those are determined, be sure to take into consideration what space you need, what kind of AV capabilities you require, what food and beverage (if any) you will want to provide, and lastly how much you want to pay for it all.


What Kind Of Space Do You Need?

When thinking about how much space you need, you should consider attendee flow. Attendee flow is how you want your guests to move through the space and experience your event. You will also need to consider what kind of setup your event will require. If you are hosting a conference, you may want a classroom set up, and separate breakout rooms. If you are hosting a more intimate meeting, you could consider having a boardroom set up and having everything in all one room. Whatever your needs are will help determine what venue your event will be best suited for. 



Arguably one of the most important aspects of corporate events is the AV. Finding a venue that can accommodate your audio-visual needs is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect spot for your corporate event. If you plan on sharing a presentation, you’ll need to make sure the venue is set up for a screen and projector, and you’ll want to make sure all attendees have a good viewpoint. If you are hosting a hybrid event, you’ll want to be sure that the venue you chose can handle those AV needs as well - it’s not always as simple as it may seem!


Food & Beverage

When choosing a venue, you’ll need to keep in mind what kind of meals food, and beverages you will need to provide to your attendees. If you are hosting an awards dinner, you will want a venue where food and beverage are the main focus, whereas if you are only planning on providing light snacks and refreshments for a corporate board meeting, you may not need to worry so much about how flashy it is displayed. You will also want to ask if the venue prepares the food on the premises, if it is brought in by a 3rd party, or if you are on your own to hire your own caterer. 



And last but not least, when picking a venue for your corporate event you’ll want to be sure that it fits within your budget. This includes getting costs for all of the above - space/room rental, what food & beverage pricing and estimates look like, and what your AV needs end up costing. Some venues are more willing to work with you on budget, while some are unable to provide discounts or complimentary services. But, don’t be discouraged - there is a venue out there that fits your needs at different budget price points!


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