How to Plan A Sports Theme Party

    With October in full swing, everyone seems to be breaking out their favorite sports jerseys more than ever. With baseball, football, hockey, and basketball on everyone's mind, it's the perfect time to throw a sports theme party! Whether it's at your own place or at an event space check a few sports theme party ideas below for some inspiration for your next event!

    Baseball Party

    With play-offs on everyone's minds, why not throw a baseball party? A great way to get all your friends to watch the game in one place instead of heading to a crowded bar, this party is great for kids too. Start with some fun things for everyone to nibble on such as sliders and fries and even put together some cute peanut filled cups as seen below to give that extra feeling of being at an actual baseball game! Put these smart snack cups into individual baseball mitts and set them up as party favors for a great gift that all your guests will love!

    Keep the theme going by bringing in some sports gear to decorate the places! A great way to keep the kids entertained is to set up a corner for them to play baseball, like this fun baseball dugout for kids at the AT&T Park in San Francisco.

    Football Party

    We all know football is a time for all the guys to do their thing and watch the game together, but why not make it a fun event for everyone? Set up snacks and party platters fit to the theme. Check out these delicious recipes below.

    A great way to keep the fun going during the event is setting up a mini end zone for everyone to practice their touch down skills. Set up a touch down area in front of your trash can and recycling bin so that all your guests can practice their aim and help save the environment at the same time by recycling all canned beverages!

    If you don't feel like bringing the party and the mess over to your own place, but don't really feel up to fighting the crowds at a bar, check out one of our wonderful event locations perfect for your own football themed bash! Check out Bounce sports club in New York for your football party!

    Photo Credit: Eventup

    What are some of your favorite sports theme party ideas? Got some great ideas? Share with us below or on Facebook or Twitter!