Is Thanksgiving at Your House This Year?

    Why hello, Thanksgiving dinner hosts! Let me ask you something: do you remember a Thanksgiving feast that wasn’t as exhausting and stressful as it was delicious? No? Well then get ready for a change this year, because the Eventup team has something to deliver to you! No, not a ready made turkey, but some tips and tricks for hosting the holiday with the entire spectacle - but far more simply. Trust us, it’s something you’ll be thankful for!

    Break It Up and Get a Break: For those of us in charge of the cooking, the third Thursday in November is an awfully long day with too many waking hours (and for the brave few who forge on to Black Friday, sleep is even harder to come by). We’re up before the sun, mixing and basting noiselessly, preparing every morsel for our horde of sleeping loved ones. Have we ever stopped to wonder why? Who said we had to prepare the whole feast in a few hours, or even prepare the whole thing ourselves?

    This year, don’t be afraid to take your time. Remember, Thanksgiving is about enjoying the blessings you have, and that includes your family and friends. So take a beat and actually enjoy their company, instead of spending time cooped up in the kitchen. One way to buy yourself some time is to break up the Thanksgiving cooking into smaller time segments that are easier to digest (pardon the pun).

    You can start as early as the night before, making items like cranberry sauce, pies or mashed potatoes and storing them in the fridge (the latter two you’ll have to reheat in the morning, of course). The turkey, as we know, will still need ample time to cook, but you can prepare it the night before, too, and simply pop the bird in the oven a few hours before dinner! You can even asks your guests to help out with simple dishes like salads or veggies, so you don’t have to shoulder the meal all on your own. And once the stress of cooking is diminished, don’t forget to pour yourself a drink and settle in with your lovely family.

    Make the Most of Nature: From October on, it seems like every home you enter is in a state of impressive decoration. The holidays mean decking our halls, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your mind finding the perfect cornucopia. Take a lesson from the beautiful fall weather around you, and remember that less is more. For your tablescape, stick to warm autumn colors and even incorporate some natural elements for a fun fall look at your Thanksgiving holiday venue that is sure to impress. But do your best to keep the table as clean as possible – you’ll want there to be room for all the magnificent food you’ve prepared!

    What are your secrets for a successful Thanksgiving? Any horror stories you’d like to share? Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages, or leave a comment below!